GenePlanet closes 10M equity deal to expand to Asia and develop its Health Intelligence platform

GenePlanet NutriFit09 July 2018 — GenePlanet, one of the leading genetics companies in Europe, today announced it has closed a EUR 10m equity deal in exchange for a qualified minority stake with Zurich-based JF Investments AG., owned by Lavinia Jacobs.

GenePlanet was established in 2008 by its founder Marko Bitenc and is co-owned by an investment vehicle controlled by Austrian equity investor Gabriel Dielacher, a former Managing Director with Creditanstalt Investment Bank (CAIB). GenePlanet is specialised in genetic testing and related advanced molecular techniques. The company is recognised by offering personalised DNA analyses and it commercialises its services and products in over 30 countries worldwide.

The funds will be used for product development and international expansion. One of the key new products will be Health Intelligence – a platform which will be integrating biological data (genetic predispositions and current status of blood biomarkers) with information from smart devices and wearables to provide recommendations and action plans based on objective needs. The result will be a digital health engagement platform that improves health, vitality and well-being of people through a personalised prevention programme.

“The investment will help us to develop our successful product portfolio beyond genetics. The most important asset people have is their health. We believe that our Health Intelligence platform will bring better results than the currently available solutions and will help our customers to live a healthier lifestyle”, GenePlanet’s CEO & Founder, Marko Bitenc. According to Bitenc, the investment represents an important step for the future growth and expansion of GenePlanet.

GenePlanet will expand its business to Asia due to its market size and potential. The company will also consider opening an office in London to strengthen its presence in the UK and Western Europe.

Through its successful flagship brand NutriFit – Slovenian innovation of the Year–, GenePlanet has in the meantime emerged to become one of the most important players in the field of Nutrigenomics where it has developed a wide-ranged client base across different industries – healthcare, wellness and insurance sector. With a saliva sample, individuals can discover how their genes affect their nutrition, sports and lifestyle. GenePlanet believes that the differences carried by one’s genes do matter and that is the reason the company is strongly committed to offering tailored solutions to empower each person to have a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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