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Helen Mathieu

Founded by Helene Mathieu, HMLC is one of the longest running boutique law firms with nearly two decades of experience. The firm is conveniently located in Business Bay, Dubai, UAE and has in-depth knowledge of the local business culture and the legal systems within the GCC. With associated offices in Montreal, Paris, and Riyadh, HMLC maintains legal resources in key markets across the globe. Our areas of expertise are corporate, commercial, civil and immigration law.

Helene Mathieu is the founder of Helene Mathieu Legal Consultants, commonly known as HMLC. In 1997 Ms. Mathieu helped pave the way for many others being one of the first Western women to successfully obtain a professional trade license for a legal consultancy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Over the years, HMLC has assisted in the establishment, relocation, and settlement of hundreds of international and regional companies. HMLC is globally known for its abilities to creatively and professionally help an array of international businesses and private clients. Business support, settlement, arbitration and specialized legal services are amongst the core activities of the firm today.

By virtue of Ms. Mathieu’s growing reputation, she is increasingly being sought out as a keynote speaker on regional business issues and setup. Ms. Mathieu has a prominent presence with various business councils within the United Arab Emirates. She recently co-authored the chapter on the UAE of Restrictive Covenants and Trade Secrets and Employment Law: An International Survey published by the American Bar Association.

Ms. Mathieu is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of McGill University, a prestigious Canadian University located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada where she completed the National Program.
She holds two degrees: A Civil Law degree and Common Law degree. This provides her with a complete understanding and knowledge of the two major global legal systems.

Academic Background
Bachelor of Civil Law & Bachelor of Laws (B.C.L./ LL.B) from McGill University
Member of the Bar of the Province of Québec
Notary Public of Canada
Member of the Australian Business Council
Executive Member of the Canadian Business Council
Member of the Canadian Business Council
Member of the French Business Council
Member of the Swiss Business Council.


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