About Assett Remarketing

Asset Remarketing Services is a national IT re-marketing and disposal company based in Stockport. On the 3rd of September 2018 a new website is being launched that helps organsiations dispose of used IT equipment with a comprehensive direct purchasing scheme. Using our online Pricing Tool that offers UK organisations the ability to value and sell used IT the easy way.

The innovative new site combines current IT disposal techniques with a comprehensive direct purchasing scheme, delivering to public and private organsiations a way to reclaim the financial value that is left in use IT equipment

Using a simple and easy approach, Asset Remarketing Services accommodates all IT disposal needs whilst ensuring an environmentally friendly IT reuse and disposal service. Users can feel safe in the knowledge that they are disposing of IT equipment correctly, whilst getting value back for their equipment and receiving a complete documented service.

The fully inclusive service ensures that customers receive a national Free collection service, fully documented asset inventories, media destruction with certification and most importantly a financial return without cost.

In the UK today, most organisations in both the public and private sectors accumulate used IT equipment created from IT upgrades, items falling out of warranty or just general wear and tear. Asset Remarketing Services offers all UK organisations an effortless way of extracting financial value from used IT equipment whilst delivering both environmental IT disposal and GDRP media destruction.

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