Sitemorse is an iNetwork 2018 Partner Excellence Award Nominee

Sitemorse is very proud to announce that it has been nominated for the iNetwork 2018 Partner Excellence Award.

The award allows iNetwork members to recognise the outstanding performance of partner organisations and celebrates “innovation, collaboration, efficiency and going the extra mile in partnership working”.

Sitemorse was nominated for the award by Rahna Riley, Digital Services Lead at Rochdale Borough Council for our work together on the Accessibility Matters project.

The Sitemorse service enabled Rochdale to significantly improve its online user experience, Rahna said. She also praised Sitemorse’s “excellent, speedy and knowledgeable support service”.

Sitemorse has always offered us excellent support, been very flexible in modifying our contract as our requirements change, as well as acting upon suggestions to improve their product/service to meet our needs,” she added. “During service deployment, we collaborated on a joint project to improve the overall score, through online workshops and regular support.”

The collaboration helped Rochdale to focus resources on where they would have the biggest impact – and saw Rochdale climb the Sitemorse UK Local Government INDEX from 392nd place in Q2 2015 to 11th in Q3 2018. Meanwhile, the work contributed to Rochdale winning the MJ Achievement Award 2018 for Digital Transformation.

“Getting the right people, with the right skills at the right price is quite a challenge at a time of austerity,” said Rahna. “Working with Sitemorse helps us employ people with fewer skills and use their support and their product as a self-learning tool to upskill them.

“At a time when the website is hugely promoted through social media, it’s important the website remains accessible and that it doesn’t become ’’the story’. We’ve been fortunate enough to invest in our site through passion, pride, [and having] the right tools and partners to deliver the results we require and that customers expect.

Lawrence Shaw, Sitemorse’s CEO, said, “It’s a real honour to be nominated for an award like this. Fundamentally, our service helps to eliminate human limitations when it comes to digital compliance – allowing improvements to be made quickly and at scale, and without onerous manual testing. However, we can only recommend changes, so optimisation is always a process of collaboration – and Rochdale’s results just go to prove what’s possible for forward thinking organisations.”

The public vote opened today on Monday 24th September at 9am, and closes at midnight on Sunday 30th September. To vote for Sitemorse, please visit the iNetwork website here: