Why do my barbers need a specific insurance policy?

Although a barbershop could be classified as a male hair salon, it may not cover everything that a barber may require in order to satisfy their clients. Historically, a barber shop actually held dentistry appointments in their chairs, though that certainly would no longer be covered in a normal appointment! It is best to look into insurance that fully covers all areas of male grooming. This list will assist you in understanding this.

Professional Liability

As a barber, it is very normal that you will have regular customers that will come in for a normal cut and buzz, though there are others that might need more specific treatments like chemical hair and scalp treatments. However, some of these clients may not be entirely satisfied with their treatment or haircuts, which is why it is important to have Barbers Insurance to avoid any financial difficulties. This means that if any problems occur with the client, say that an injury occurred due to hair shaving, or your aftershave may have caused an allergic reaction, you have a defence against being sued. Professional Liability can also pay for any medical expenses for the client, court feels and even for the cost of your judicial defence in court.

You can even extend this by looking into “Treatment Risk Extension”, meaning that you would be covered for any injury or accusation of injury from the client.

Product Liability

Imagine if your equipment was to malfunction whilst you were on the job, such as if your electric razor was to become tangled in a beard and caused damage. With Product Liability insurance, if the customer sues because of emotional trauma, physical trauma or an allergic reaction to a product you use, you can be covered from any financial damages. Whilst you do want to inspire loyalty in your clients, you must make sure that you have the insurance to prevent any financial strain on the business. If all else fails, you can try to win back their loyalty with a discount or free trip to your shop to make it up to them.

Worker Compensation

In the barbers’ trade there are all sorts of dangers that could cause injury to your workers, as well as your clients. Say for instance, your worker fell down and broke their arm due to a spillage on the floor, then the worker’s medical costs and compensation would be covered so they can take the time off to recover. It is important that your clientele see that your workers are being treated with respect, so be sure to give them to time off that they need if they get hurt.

Small Businesses are Targets

Be careful that your insurance does contain payment for any vandalism or theft, for instance in regard to any broken windows, fire break-outs or flooding. Many thieves may think that small businesses may not be insured or easy to break into because of their size. Try not to let yours be the next target.