JD Worldwide Unveils Fashion Goods Warehouse in Paris

JD Worldwide Unveils Fashion Goods Warehouse in Paris

On 25th January, 2024, JD Worldwide, announced the launch of its first self-operated direct procurement warehouse for fashion goods in Paris, France.

This important announcement is pivotal to JD.com’s cross-border e-commerce strategy. The new warehouse will simplify market entry for European brands to the Chinese market.

A Curated Selection of Fashion Pieces From Acclaimed Brands

Located in Val-d’Oise, a suburb of Paris, the warehouse will exclusively store fashion merchandise from countries including France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain.

The facility houses a curated selection from over 100 brands across product categories, including apparel, beauty products, jewelry, and luxury items.

Louis Zhang, General Manager of Luxury & Fashion at JD Worldwide, said “Our strategy focuses on expanding our supply chain to the very locations where brands are based. This approach not only meaningfully reduces fulfillment costs for local sellers but also provides faster delivery, competitive pricing, and reliable service for our customers.”

“This innovative approach is designed to unlock new possibilities for more SMEs and specialty brands from Europe, providing them with an entry point into China’s vibrant and dynamic fashion market.”

A Brand-New Online Store for the Paris Warehouse

JD Worldwide has also launched a dedicated online store directly linked to the Paris facility.  JD Worldwide processes all orders placed on the JD app and ships these for delivery across China. JD’s advanced cross-border logistics capabilities facilitate this process, ensuring seamless deliveries.

JD also has its JD Smart Check Service which verifies the authenticity and traceability of imported purchases to enhance consumer confidence

How Richard Liu’s JD.com Continues to Boost Sales

JD.com continues to strengthen its commitment to improve sales for its brand partners worldwide with:

  • Procurement centers strategically positioned globally.
  • A growing network of buyers.
  • An operational footprint spanning over 1,600 warehouses, including nearly 90 bonded, direct mail, and overseas warehouses.

Under Richard Liu’s leadership, JD.com continues to build its services for the global fashion market by providing efficient and seamless solutions for European brands looking to access the China market.

Find out how JD Worldwide opens doors for international brands to reach the Chinese market.

About JD.com (a.k.a. Jingdong)

JD.com, also known as Jingdong, is a technology and service provider  with supply chain at its core. Founded by Richard Qiangdong Liu, JD.com is a renowned leader in China’s e-commerce industry and the company has expanded across retail, technology, logistics, healthcare, insurance, property development, industrials, private label, and international business. Ranking 52 on the Fortune Global 500, JD.com is China’s largest retailer by revenue.

JD.com serves nearly 600 million customers and has set the standard for e-commerce through its commitment to quality, authenticity, and competitive pricing. The company operates the largest logistics infrastructure of any e-commerce company in China, pioneering a standard experience of same- and next-day delivery. JD.com also promotes productivity and innovation across a range of industries by offering its cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to partners, brands, and diverse sectors.