LONDON, UK – October 10, 2018  Block Estates is hoping to become an industry leader by developing a real estate investment platform for the blockchain era.

The company’s innovative new business plan will see investors given direct access to participate, manage and trade in lucrative and real estate-backed global investments – all possible from a smartphone.

Block Estates is well underway in the development stages for the beta version of the platform and will soon be successfully executing large real estate and technology transactions.

Company co-founder Rob Tomkins, chief technology officer, Dr Theo Mourouzis, and their highly-experienced team aim to ensure returns are maximised on investment by combining real estate with the revolutionary technology.

Initially Block Estates will launch the real estate-backed security token investments followed by other transactional capabilities.

Users will be able to access services once they’ve signed up for a Block Estates account with all transactions being handled entirely from a user-friendly dashboard.

Transactions can be undertaken using both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

The company is on a mission to bring to market an innovative business model with the objective of creating a real estate industry ecosystem, powered by blockchain technology.

With a combination of B2C and B2B offerings in such a huge market, Block Estates is on track to deliver user value through an exceptional platform.

Rob Tomkins said: “We believe that with our proposed platform and underlying technology, Block Estates will create an efficient and streamlined platform that facilitates a diverse range of real estate transactions.

“Our aim is to revolutionise and democratise investments in the real estate market. “The Block Estates platform will facilitate the use of crypto and fiat currencies to invest in tangible, secure and high return real estate investments.
“Our mission is to give users direct access to investment opportunities in domestic and international markets, where they can utilise their funds in a secure, efficient and cost-effective way.”

Notes to editors:

  • An initial portfolio of real estate assets will be secured, tokenized and made available for investment during the Block Estates STO. Investors wanting to take part in the STO can simply purchase tokens from the Block Estates website. The tokens will be implemented through Ethereum Smart Contracts and will be ERC20-compliant. Following the STO, tokens will be listed on a digital token exchange to provide trading liquidity.
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