World-Class Model Making Company, RJ Models Enters American Market

RJ Models is a worldwide architectural model making company and has collaborated with many world-famous architectural design companies on more than 10000 projects around the world, by Foster + Partners, KPF, SOM and OMA, etc.

“We are honored to participate in numerous architectural model projects and provide high quality model making service to our clients.” said Ray Cheung, the founder of RJ Models.

Now RJ Models is expanding its business boundaries, having built dozens of new architectural model making projects in the US, including master plan model, office building model, residential model, airport model and others.

Some Featured Architectural Models

Hudson Yard Office Space Model


As an iconic symbol of Manhattan’s urban development, the newly planned Hudson Yard is virtually a mega-city junction and is going to become the 2nd tallest office building in New York.

To make a perfect office model for this symbolic office building, all the reflective building façades are reproduced using laser cut technique and hand painted to create glittering metallic appearances.

Through this model, viewers are provided with a perspective of the new urban block.

Hearst Tower Model

Hearst Tower Model

This dramatic soaring tower shows Sir Norman Foster’s brilliant design and provokes an interesting dialogue between old and new.

An elite model team has been sent to the US before the producing work begins to visit the actual building and prudentially note down related information.

In the making process, the modelers meticulously reproduce the surface materials and internal structure of the Hearts Tower.

For RJ Models, as the person in charge says, “being able to complete such a high-quality model is also a proud accomplishment”.

New York City Planning Model


The New York City model is under the request of SOM and the model is going to be used for research purposes.

The entire model is made of woods and placed on an unusual circular pedestal.

Model experts from RJ Models engrave those high-density buildings one by one to guarantee the quality.

New York Bay Master Plan Model

New York Bay Master Plan Model

This is a 1270mm x760mm size master planning timber model.

Two distinct materials are used in this model; the timber conveys an intimate, natural feel, while the matte acrylic plays a prominent role in catching eyes of the viewers.

In addition, striped white LED lights are installed in important traffic lines, creating a strong sense of technology and futuristic.

About RJ Models:

After 23 years, RJ Models has grown to be a world leading architectural model making company.

RJ Models offers a range of top-quality architectural model production services with high efficiency. With RJ Models, clients can enjoy our all team support.

At every stage, RJ Models aims to provide the top-quality architectural models to boost our clients’ businesses for global architectural needs.

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