Kuwaiti European Holding Making Big Splash with London Theme Park

With the potential easing of travel restrictions now emerging on the horizon, people across the world are beginning to look for new vacation destinations. One of the destinations that have been garnering plenty of attention in this regard is the new London theme park being constructed by Kuwaiti European Holding. The well-established holding company has long been known for its role in some of the world’s most popular outlets for entertainment and tourism. The creation of the new park, set to open in 2024, is helping to cement that image. Read on for a look at the resort and its innovative vision set in motion by its creators.

Kuwaiti European Holding Aiming High

The holding company has made it clear that its creation will seek to push the bounds of what has previously been seen in London and across the world. The theme park and resort is currently slated to cost £3.5 billion and will consist of an ambitious array of rides, hotels, shopping experiences, and more. Acutely aware that the resort will be measured against an already robust slate of UK-based attractions, the holding company has designed its creation to be on the scale of something created by Disney or Universal Studios.

These lofty goals have necessitated an ambitious strategy when it comes to resort and park design that has been hard to find elsewhere in Europe. The finished resort will be roughly the size of 136 Wembley Stadiums and will feature content built in partnership with some of the world’s most exciting entertainment companies. This includes deals with BBC, ITV, and Paramount Pictures. Since these entertainment companies hold the rights to a wide number of beloved films and TV shows, buzz has already developed that the park could incorporate these properties into its design.

Layout Offers Something for Everyone

While details are still emerging about what the design by Kuwaiti European Holding will entail, existing information indicates that attractions will cater to a wide audience. This is reflected in the resort’s multiple themed lands that will each provide a different experience to attendees. The six themed lands will be known as The Isles, The Studios, The Jungle, The Woods, The Kingdom, and The Starport. The lands will include elements of fantasy, science fiction, woodland magic, history, and modern-day storytelling. Each land will have its own rides that will cater to the narrative of its particular backstory and will maintain those themes throughout all aspects of its experience.

The vision for the resort includes the ability for visitors to easily move between each of its themed lands to experience all of its offerings on a given trip. However, the design also allows visitors to spend an extending amount of time in an individual area should it appeal to them. In addition to rides, lands will also provide opportunities for visitors to attend storytelling events and other dramatic offerings. These events will blend the theme of the rides and backstory of the land seamlessly to allow visitors to come away with a fully immersive experience.

Kuwaiti European Holding Offers Consumer Experiences

In addition to the rides and storytelling features that figure to be popular among resort attendees, the holding company has also made it a priority to offer a wide range of consumer experiences throughout many different areas of the resort. This includes a central high street that will be accessible in the heart of its design. This area will be front and center when visitors enter the resort and will serve as a jumping-off point for any trip to the ambitious network of attractions.

The high street will consist of a grand plaza that will not only introduce visitors to the resort but will also provide them with many different consumer experiences. These experiences will contain storefronts, restaurants, and hotels. There will also be a convention center where organizations can hold gatherings and where travel groups will be able to congregate when visiting the resort in large numbers.

The innovative design has drawn comparisons to Downtown Disney and Universal Studios’ CityWalk concepts. This is due, in part, to the way the design allows visitors to preview the resort’s features through consumer experiences before purchasing a ticket for entrance to the resort itself. Themed retail items as well as other related experiences will provide a range of experiences related to the resort that will help familiarize guests with the excitement that awaits them beyond the entrance.

Focus On Sustainability

With a large project such as the London-based resort, environmental sustainability is often top of mind for visitors and other community members. This has been an area of particular focus for Kuwaiti European Holding, which is set on making sure that the resort is not only known for its entertainment value but also the manner in which it steps up to its environmental responsibilities. One major way this has manifested is through the theme park’s commitment to being operationally carbon-neutral — a global first that represents a significant milestone for the field.

The holding company has also focused on aiding the biodiversity of the area by creating wildlife habitats along the nearby River Thames. These habitats will provide a place of refuge for local wildlife that will help ensure its continued co-existence with the city of London. Green spaces will also be present throughout the resort and surrounding area to ensure the local community has outdoor areas that are widely accessible and can provide respite from the hustle and bustle of life in the city.

As the attention of many global citizens returns to travel in the coming months and years, many eyes will be on the new themed resort being created by Kuwaiti European Holding. The company’s ambitious vision for the London-based attraction has provoked excitement in those who wait in anticipation of its many rides and consumer offerings. It has also drawn praise from environmental advocates and community members in the city of London, who appreciate the design’s proactive focus on sustainability and community responsibility. If you’re seeking out a new travel destination in the not-to-distant future, keep a close watch on news from the resort as it continues to take shape.