Important Tips To Carry Out Electrical Repair Safely In London

Important Tips To Carry Out Electrical Repair Safely In London

When starting an electrical repair first you should check out the area clearly and make a list of possible hazards and inform the owner about it. Below are the checks that you should keep in mind before starting work.

Turn Off Power Supply

Before starting any electrical repair in london make sure to turn off the electrical supply so you can work freely. Turning off the power supply is not sufficient to make sure to check wires as well. Once you are done with the repair make sure to check all the connections before turning on the power supply.

Unplug All Appliances

Whenever you are carrying out an electrical repair make sure to unplug all the electrical appliances so that in case if anything goes bad all of your appliances are safe. Not even that when an appliance is not in use unplug it to save energy and avoid phantom drain.

Check Connections After Completion Of Work

Once you are done with work make sure to check out all the wiring connections. A strong connection between conductors allows smooth passing of electricity while a weak one makes problems. Loose connection sometimes may lead to the burning of wires or a rise in energy bills.

Study appliance instructions

Whenever repairing an electrical appliance make sure to check its instruction manual and follow it to avoid making more issues. Once you have repair it double-checks if there is any shock in the body or in any other part.

Do not use equipment with a metallic grip

Whenever carrying out electrical repairs don’t use equipment with a metallic grip because electricity can easily pass in metals and you may get injured because of electric shock. Its recommended to use types of equipment with a rubber grip which being an insulator doesn’t allow the electric current to pass through. A professional electrician in london will always bring all these equipment.

Use Electrical Safety Equipments

Whenever doing electrical repair make sure to use electrical safety equipment like insulated gloves, insulated ladder and insulated matt etc to avoid electric shocks and stay safe when performing any sort of electrical repairs.

Stop water supply

Water and electricity  have a very deadly combination. Whenever performing electrical repair in bathrooms or in any area where there are chances of electricity getting in contact with water make sure to turn off the water supply on time.

Keep other people away

When carrying our repair make sure that you don’t have other people in that specific area because their life can be at risk too. Being a professional electrician you may have all the safety precautions in place but normal people are not aware of it and don’t know whether that particular thing is alive or dead. You can put a temporary barrier to stop people coming into the repair area.

Remove the appliance

If you think that repairing an appliance in home or office is not safe make sure to disconnect and take it to the workshop so that you can work smoothly on it.


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