8 Tips to Consider When Renting a Dumpster

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If you can’t get the dumpster when you need it, then it’s not much good! Look for companies that have available options that work with your schedule.


You want to get the dumpster delivered and picked up as easily as possible. A good company will offer flexible access times and locations, so you can easily get the dumpster where it needs to go.

Referrals and Customer Reviews

It’s always a good idea to learn about companies by talking with people who have used them. Ask friends, family members, and coworkers if they have recommendations for local companies that rent out dumpsters in your area. You can also check online reviews from customers who have rented from them previously. This will give you an idea of how well their service works and whether or not their prices are fair compared to other companies in the area that offer similar services.


You’ll want to ensure your dumpster is big enough for all your trash, debris, or waste, so be sure to measure before ordering! If possible, compare sizes from multiple companies to compare apples-to-apples pricing. You will need to determine how much space your project will require before you can rent the right size dumpster. Contact dumpster rental in College Park if you need help choosing the right size for your project!

Types of Waste

The type of waste you will be throwing away will affect how much it costs to rent a dumpster. For example, if you are throwing away construction debris like bricks or concrete slabs, it will cost more than if you were just tossing away household trash such as broken furniture or old appliances. Starr Dumpsters can help determine what kind of waste each job requires so that they can provide the appropriate size and amount at a reasonable price.

Delivery and Pickup Options

How will the dumpster be delivered and picked up? This is an important consideration, especially renting a large dumpster. Some companies use their own trucks to deliver and pick up their dumpsters, while others use independent contractors. In either case, ask whether the company will drop off your rental on a weekday or weekend. If you need it delivered on the weekend, call ahead to ensure it’s available.


When shopping for prices from different companies, ask about any hidden fees that may come with each rental period. For example, some companies charge extra for delivery or pickup on weekends or holidays, while others charge extra for restrictions on where the dumpster can be placed. Some companies may also charge extra if you go over your initial rental period by a few days or weeks.

Additional Policies

When you call to rent a dumpster, one of the first things an employee will ask is how long you need it. This is because there are different policies for different time periods. For example, if you need your dumpster for two weeks or less, you will probably only be charged for one week. If you need your dumpster for three weeks or more, the company may charge you for two weeks upfront and then refund the second week when they pick up the dumpster.

Starr Dumpsters Can Help

Household renovations are a key element in many home improvement projects. Whenever you’re planning a renovation, whether it’s the installation of a new pool or a complete remodel of your kitchen, there will be a tremendous amount of trash and debris. Thankfully, Starr Dumpsters exist to help. It is important to evaluate the options available and make sure you choose the right service based on your particular needs.