Can you spot the 10 pumpkins hidden in this Halloween Puzzle?

You’ll be absolutely PUMPED if you manage to complete the latest fiendish puzzle haunting the internet.

In the ghoulishly difficult brainteaser, artists have hidden 10 pumpkins in a spooky Halloween scene.

They’re hiding among revellers in fancy dress, enjoying an All Hallow’s party outside a haunted mansion.

But with so many other orange items on display including balloons, wooden beams and costumes, this puzzle could be really hard to finish.

The image was produced for, whose founder Siobhan Freegard said: “Our puzzle shows the lighter side of Halloween.

“But while most of the party-goers have big grins on their faces, we’re expecting to see more furrowed brows as readers struggle to spot the last few pumpkins.

“Where some of them are placed is definitely much more of a trick than a treat.”


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