Gambling Sites to Avoid: Detect Bad Gambling Sites Like A Pro

It’s no news that recent years have seen a drastic growth of online casinos. While we all are thrilled about more options, more excitement, there remains a subtle fear of getting scammed at an online casino.

Whether you have already had an unfortunate experience or trying to remain cautious in advance, we have got you covered. Our experts have prepared some full-proof ways which will help you sort the bad ones out even before you start wagering with real money. 

So, if you want an insight into the handy tips and tricks of determining which gambling sites to avoid, continue reading.

No Gambling License? – No Signing up.

With new casinos popping every month, it’s natural to lose track of the licensed ones. However, casinos without a prior gambling license are straight red lights that you need to avoid joining as soon as you notice the lacking. 

Follow the same measurements for legal purposes as well. Find out whether the gambling sites accept players from your region of residence. Otherwise, it may lead to severe penalties, including laundering charges, funds confiscation, and a lot more. 

If you want to avoid all the hassle of clicking on each casino and checking its license, you can check out AllGambling for safe gambling sites. In that way, you will save time, effort, and of course, your money.

Avoid Unlicensed Sites with Maximum Winnings 

At times, some unlicensed online casinos might try to lure new customers with a high limit on maximum winnings. Many inexperienced punters fall victim to such scams and end up spending more than intended. The casinos often close the account and the players end up losing both the stakes and the winnings. 

Now, that’s not a good experience to have, is it?

Therefore, every time you come across an online gambling site with offers too good to be true, check out its authenticity. If found shady, leave the site as fast as you can.

Skip Gambling at Casinos with Heavy Wagering Requirements 

If you have been exploring the gambling arena for some time now, you may have been intrigued by some highly attractive welcome bonuses that offer extremely generous sums. While some gambling sites really do come with such lucrative offers for their new customers, there might also be some rogue casinos that are simply after your hard-earned cash.

An effective way to locate such casinos is to analyse the wagering terms tied to the bonus offers. If you note high bonus turnover restrictions that seem unrealistic to achieve with the mentioned bet stake amount, you know that you are confronting a bad casino.

This strategy requires some experience to understand the quality of the wagering terms. So, when in doubt, waste no time scratching your head trying to decipher bonus terms. Instead, head to AllGambling for the best gambling sites with excellent bonuses and user-friendly wagering requirements.

No Joining Casinos with Poor Payment History 

Many casinos are often blacklisted due to their misuse of monetary transactions. Offering high promises with massive payouts, these casinos are notorious for blocking the customers’ accounts, delaying payment processing, and confiscating the winnings altogether.

If you are punting with real cash, remain aware of such casinos. A good way to pick them out fast is by going through public blacklist forums and communities where other players share their complaints. 

You should also look for negative reviews on the regularity of these incidents and check out whether the casino authorities have sorted out the issue. If there is a long duration between the complaints and your time of joining, do a bit more research and join the site only when you are assured of their good intentions.

Ignore Casinos with No Contact Information 

While checking the licensing details should be the topmost priority joining a new casino, you should also pay attention to the contact details provided at the site. A short tour of the website page will give you an initial idea if there is anything wrong.

To check out whether your chosen online casino is authentic or not, look for a “Contact Us” or a similar section. If found, glance over the provided email address, telephone number, or a contact form. If you want to remain extra careful, you may also want to take advantage of the live chat feature to find out the quality of the customer support response. 

If you cannot find any relevant information regarding the casino’s contact details, no need to take the risk if you are wagering with real money. Leave the site and opt for one that is well-known for its good service quality.

Cancel Signing Up at Casinos with Fraudulent Emails 

Joining any casino site will require you to sign up using your personal details to a certain extent. A safe and trustworthy casino will stick to basic information only. If your selected gambling site asks for your banking details, passwords, credit card PINs, etc., you might be joining a fraudulent site.

These casinos may also try to trick you by sending follow-up emails inquiring about your password, PIN, or similar sensitive details. Links provided with the emails might also contain bugs to hack into your security systems or lead to unprotected sites. Avoid clicking on any such links, and contact the customer support team in case of any suspicious activities.

What if You Have Already Got Scammed by an Online Gambling Site?

If we have been a bit too late to come to your attention, and you have already faced any fraudulent issues from a casino site, here are some actions that you can take to ease your mind and prevent that from happening again.

First of all, try to reach a resolution by contacting the casino’s customer support agents or respective authorities. Try to solve any misunderstanding, but if all efforts go in vain, report the casino, and share your experiences among the other users so that they can remain aware of the site as well.

In the meantime, enjoy a safe and hassle-free punting session at AllGambling online gambling sites which are recommended to you only after long scrutinisation surrounding numerous aspects.