What Types of Video Content Can Be Created Using Screen Recording

What Types of Video Content Can Be Created Using Screen Recording

As a tool to create video content, screen recording is a lot more versatile than many people give it credit for. The fact that it is so widely-used to create a specific type of video often paints it as being one-dimensional, when it is actually anything but.

To put it simply screen recording can be useful to create any type of video content that requires footage recorded from a screen – such as:


  • Tutorials, demonstrations, and other product-based videos

The most popular way screen recording is used to create video content is when it involves recording video footage of digital products for tutorials, demonstrations, and so on. It is perfectly-suited to that task, as it will let you capture videos of apps, software, online platforms as well as eBooks, websites, and anything else that you require.

Needless to say the popularity of this type of video is clear cut, and it is the main reason screen recording is frequently associated with it. While it is commonly used to capture footage of software or apps, you should try to expand beyond that and use it to capture footage from other digital products if necessary as well.


  • Expert interviews via video calls

Another interesting way to use screen recording to create video content is to record expert interviews that you conduct via video calls on platforms such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and so on. It is a convenient way to create this type of content, and is generally easier to produce.

For example, you could use Movavi Screen Recorder as a Skype video recorder to capture the footage that you need. The one caveat is that you need to make sure the connection is stable and the video and audio quality on both ends of the call is good.


  • ‘Fair Use’ highlight videos

As you may be aware, it is possible to use some copyright material to create other types of content, so long as you follow the fair use guidelines. Screen recording can help to create this type of video, as you can use it to record the video footage that you need from livestreams, online streaming videos, and other sources.

Keep in mind that fair use guidelines can vary in different countries and jurisdictions, so you need to check to make sure you don’t inadvertently violate any copyright laws.

Starting to see just how versatile screen recording can be? The fact of the matter is that screen recording is the best way to create any kind of content that involves software or other digital products – or requires their use.


Between the types of content listed above there are lots of options that you can pursue further. All that you need to do on your part is sit down and think up ideas for each type of content, and then plan it out. In most cases you’ll find that it is easier to create videos using screen recording than it is to record the same type of conventional video.