We would like to introduce a brand-new tool to the creative community in the United Kingdom.

We would like to introduce a brand-new tool to the creative community in the United Kingdom. Located at copyright.co.uk. Now, everyone in the UK will have an easy-to-use tool and an opportunity to protect their creative works from those who might try to steal them and use it for their own profit. No matter what you have created, we can offer you the easiest, most effective and most comprehensive iron-clad protection from infringement available.

The system at copyright.co.uk can protect any intellectual property you possess, including:
• Music and recorded songs
• Scripts and recorded videos
• Personal Documents of any kind
• Fiction or non-fiction books, articles and short stories
• Software
• Mobile apps
• Business models and proposals
• Business and personal logos
• Fashion designs
• Architectural plans
• Prototypes and ideas

If you can conceptualize it, you can deposit it into our system at copyright.co.uk and it will be protected for life and then some.

Under UK law, everyone who creates something unique technically has a copyright in that work. That is automatic. However, while knowing you have a copyright is perhaps comforting, if there is ever a challenge to your copyright, in the form of infringement or attempted infringement, it will be necessary for you to be able to prove your rights in the work. Our system helps you do exactly that.

If you have something you want to protect with a copyright, you can deposit it into our easy-to-use and very secure system, and a copy of your work will always be available to you anytime you need it. The deposit system at copyright.co.uk is quite possibly the safest and most secure method available for storing a distinctive creative work. Your deposit places a digital copy in our system, and it immediately receives a time-stamp and a live person verifies the information. This establishes the owner as having the sole right to the work and it establishes a date certain for the copyright, which in turn establishes a priority of copyright against anyone who produces something that is either identical or confusingly similar to your work.

A copyright deposit in our system at copyright.co.uk takes effect the very second you make the deposit and it is valid for life. The copyright is incontestable because you have the ability to establish ownership and a date of creation that can’t be denied. Since the deposit is unalterable by anyone, including the owner, and the work you deposit is handled carefully by licensed people who are obligated by law to show the utmost care to your deposited work, the copyright deposit through copyright.co.uk creates an official and uncontestable witness of your copyright in the creative work, whatever it is, from a specific date.

Anyone who makes a copyright deposit and registration and with copyright.co.uk will always have protection from infringing parties. Perhaps the most valuable part of that protection is that it is global in scope and is valid almost anywhere. Your deposit into the Copyright.co.uk system is valid in all 176 signatory countries to the Berne Convention.

With copyright.co.uk, you receive a lot of protection for a fair price subscription including digital storage for your creations. Head on over to copyright.co.uk and see just how little it costs to get so much protection for your work. Right now, when you sign up for 5 copyright credits, you will receive three additional credits absolutely free. See how we can protect your creativity for life, everywhere in the world.