Octasolve Fuel Additive Launched From The Top of The World

IMG_1935aOctane recently sponsored the Coeus Insurance Management Everest Challenge to celebrate the launch of their new product, Octasolve, and raise money and awareness for the Steve Prescott Foundation.

It was certainly a product launch with a difference, as the unveiling of Octane’s exciting new fuel additive Octasolve was marked by the placing of a flag at Everest Base Camp, 5360 metres up.

Octasolve is a fuel additive that uses a new technology to dissolve water in fuel, helping eliminate and treat fuel contamination, as well as reducing harmful fuel emissions by up to 70%

In celebrating the launch of the new product, Octane wanted to do something as radical as Octasolve’s technology. So, when the opportunity to support the Coeus Insurance Management Everest Challenge arose, it seemed like the perfect option.

Speaking on behalf of Octane, Director Richard Sykes stated,

“We were looking for a meaningful way to mark the launch and this seemed like the perfect way. We’ve always been inspired by the incredible work the Steve Prescott Foundation do. To be able to support them by sponsoring a member of the Everest challenge team was an incredible opportunity and experience for us to be a part of.”

Steve Prescott Foundation was set up by the inspirational Steve Prescott MBE. In 2006 he was diagnosed with Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (PMP), a rare abdominal cancer, and sought out to raise funds for The Christie Hospital, Manchester and the Try Assist Fund.

In 2013, Steve Prescott sadly passed away after he underwent the first multi visceral transplant for a PMP patient in the world. He had beaten the cancer, but died due to the donor’s organs rejecting him.

At the time of writing, the group of 27 have raised an amazing £181,856.32 for the charity, with donations still coming in.

Richard says, “We’re honoured to have been able to play a small part in supporting this amazing challenge and for such a worthwhile cause that will touch so many lives.”

For more information on Octane Holding Group Ltd call Richard on 0113 2012 460 or visit: www.octane.uk.com

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