Relex Health Rolls Out “First of its kind” Medication Therapy Management Program

The initiative will build a bridge of support between the patients and doctors

Relex Healthcare Services India Pvt. Ltd. today announces “first of its kind” Medication Therapy Management Program in India. The Medication Therapy Management Program enhances Medication Adherence through a unique home-service model. Medication adherence plays an important role in controlling chronic conditions, treating temporary conditions, and overall long-term health and well-being. However, negligence and difficulty in the management of multiple medications often lead to poor medication adherence.    

Medication non-adherence, especially in chronic care patients, is a growing concern. There are evidences to show its prevalence and the associated adverse outcomes and higher costs of care. Adverse outcomes could lead to avoidable hospitalization and even death.


According to Chandrasekhar Kini, Co-Founder and Director, Relex Health, “There are evidences to show prevalence of medication non-adherence, especially in chronic care patients. A growing concern is the associated adverse outcomes and higher costs of healthcare which could lead to hospitalization and even fatality. It is with this insight that we decided to invest our personal funds to create a startup that would be dedicated to Medication Adherence program. In the developed economies the government’s healthcare machinery takes care of this. We realised there is a gap in India even among patients from the educated class about sticking with medication SOPs.”



A report by WHO identifies that non-adherence in chronic care patients even in developed countries is as much as 50% and is a significant public health problem. In the US non-adherence leads to as many as 125000 avoidable deaths and 25% of the hospitalisations every year. In India the problem is as serious and needs greater attention.


The Relex Medication Therapy Management Program supports both chronic care patients and their doctors to facilitate favourable outcomes or lower risks and impact of the adverse outcomes in chronic care.


The Relex program is a bridge of support between the patient and doctor delivered at patients’ home by qualified and trained professionals and healthcare advisors. The program consists of:


  • Complete management and tracking of the medication for all its patients and ensuring full availability strictly as per prescription with quick response to changes in prescription advised by patient’s doctor
  • Detailed guidance on the correct use of drugs as per prescription, correct storage of medication and on adverse reactions (side effects)
  • Disciplined and regular monthly monitoring and counselling to patients on their medication and tracking of outcomes
  • Maintenance of medication adherence records that provide a good input to doctors and patients to achieve positive levels in their adherence journeys.
  • Taking back balance medicines in case of change in medication duly approved by the treating physician



The Relex program is built on the experience and deep insights of the founders to build a simple but robust solution.

About Relex Health

Relex Healthcare Services India Pvt Ltd, headquartered in Bangalore, was incorporated on 27th May 2019. The company is founded by – Chandrashekar Kini, Suresh AP Rao, KP Shravan with more than 60 years of combined experience in pharma marketing distribution and pharma retail. Relex won angel investment in December 2019 for their first stage expansion in Bangalore and seek to expand their footprint across the country.


For further information please contact:

Chandrashekar Kini


Relex Healthcare Services India Pvt Ltd,

Mob: +91-98866-36000



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