Korenix Launches New Industrial PoE Boost Switch for Transportation Surveillance

Korenix is glad to announce the launch of JetNet 3810G V2. JetNet 3810G V2 is an industrial PoE boost switch with 8 fast ethernet PoE ports and 2 gigabit uplink ports. It is specially designed for IP surveillance devices on transportation system, such as railway, bus, ship, etc. With the PoE and uplink ports, the device is available to connect 8 IP cameras and transmit large image files back to the control center.


Comparing to the original version, JetNet 3810G V2 has upgraded the power input range to 8-32 V. It is equipped with Korenix patented vehicle PoE technology: DC 8-32 V to 48V power booster. With the built-in power booster, JetNet 3810G V2 can be powered by DC 8-32V and deliver 15.4W per port and 80W budget per unit at DC 48V. Therefore, it enables PoE devices such as IP cameras, PoE wireless AP, PoE IP phones and can be easily applied on vehicles and carriages. Moreover, the 2 gigabit uplink ports guarantee high bandwidth for large scale image transmission.

JetNet 3810G V2 is designed in compact size that can be easily applied in vehicle or carriages. The temperature is upgraded to -40~ 70 °C wide range and the aluminum alloy metal enclosure allows the device to be applied in harsh environment. JetNet 3810G V2 is a rugged industrial switch with wide power input range and PoE function that is suitable for your transportation system.

  1. :  Visit Korenix website for further information: http://www.korenix.com/
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