Popular Korean milk tea franchise “T BUN” expands business internationally along with the rising pop

The milk tea business is booming. Several other franchise companies who have started milk tea businesses have also expanded globally and have experienced much success over the past 10 years.

The modern version of milk tea called Bubble Tea or Boba, originated from Taiwan. Most of these milk tea franchise companies, who have successfully expanded their businesses, are from Taiwan, including “Gongcha” and “Chatime” who can be found in several countries

However, there is one Korean milk tea franchising system competing alongside these Taiwanese companies. T BUN, who’s creators are specialized Tea Masters, commenced operations early in 2017 and in its’ first year opened 12 stores in South Korea and 1 in Perth Australia.

T BUN then expanded the business into the Philippines in Oct, 2018 and opened 2 stores in Manila and Cavite. The franchise owners of T BUN Philippines are targeted to open 100 stores by the end of 2019 and are working toward being the market leader in their country.
T BUN recently signed master franchise agreements for Kuwait and Malaysia and will open those stores in Kuala Lumpur and Kuwait toward the end of March this year. Currently, T Bun are in negotiations with potential master franchisees from Bahrain, Egypt, Singapore and the UAE. T BUN also plans to open its company-owned shop in Texas as the base for expanding throughout the United States later this year.

With its superb quality milk tea and sophisticated franchising system, cleverly developed by a group of tea masters and franchise specialists, T BUN aggressively expanded into the global market. T BUN is planning to open stores in 10 countries this year and 30 countries by the end of 2020. Their aim is to be the dominate market leader within this industry.

Interested in learning more about Master Franchise opportunities for the exploding T Bun business model in your country? Do you want milk tea in Gangnam Style?
Then contact Jonathan Kwon, Managing Director of T BUN International at gfscceo@gmail.com.

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