Footwear fanatics given the chance to land their dream job – but they’ll need to pass an IQ test

Footwear fanatics have been given the chance to land their dream job – but they’ll need to pass an IQ test to win the position.

The test was devised by a global fashion platform who is on the hunt for the biggest ‘sneakerheads’ in the world, and they are convinced only the most dedicated followers of sneaker subculture will pass.

Fashion site Lyst plan to assemble a team of ultimate geeks, who will need to utilise their knowledge from all corners of ‘sneaker culture’ to make it through with a top score.

Participants who ace the test will have the chance to submit their application to become a paid member of Lyst’s Sneaker Intelligence Unit, who will advise the company on future content and reports.

Members of the Sneaker Intelligence Unit will receive a bottomless sneaker allowance, a salary, and entry into exclusive global industry meetups and launches.

Participants who perform best in the test and join the team will also receive an expert profile on the Lyst network, and will receive recognition as some of the most in-the-know sneaker experts in the industry.

A spokesperson for Lyst said: “Sneaker culture pulls from all kinds of influences, from music to politics, sport and design, and to pass our test your knowledge needs to be both broad and deep.

“We are on the hunt for the country’s premier sneaker experts to form a Sneaker Intelligence Unit, which will help focus our attention on the kicks which are poised to cause an impact on the scene.

“The participant with the top score will have the chance to join our team, with an aim to entertain followers of sneaker culture with insightful content from the frontline of footgear.”

The challenging test leads participants through a series of questions, with responses timed and an anti-cheat history tracking functionality in place – – so sneaker-sneaks won’t be able to duck out for a Google search if they get stuck.

In order to progress to the next stage of the process, candidates need to achieve a score of 80 per cent or above.

Successful candidates will then be invited to take part in a follow up ‘mastery’ stage challenge.

The test also gives participants who have bitten off more than they can chew the option to ‘give up’ at any stage.

A spokesperson for Lyst added: “This isn’t a task for the faint-hearted, and sneaker-casuals may find themselves in deep water quickly.

“We really are looking for the best of the best – someone who could rattle off the most up-to-date collaborations and footwear breakthroughs, as well as calling upon their in-depth knowledge of the designs, designers and events which helped to shape a global fashion phenomenon.”

To test your sneaker knowledge and take part in the Sneaker Intelligence Unit task, visit: