Review On Electric Tankless Hot Water Heaters- Water Heating Reviews

Tankless water heaters are gaining in popularity in the country. This is due to the various advantages they have. From saving up on space to having a continuous supply of hot water. Not to mention the ability to save up on energy and water. Additionally, the tankless water heater has minimal accidents as compared to the traditional water heater.

1. Saves up on space

The conventional water heater occupies a lot of space, and they can eat up almost half of your basement space. Whereas, a tankless water heater takes up a small space since they are small and compact. Most of the tankless water heaters are the size of a computer, and they can be mounted on the wall.  This saves up a lot of space that could have otherwise been wasted.

2. Continuous access to hot water

If you have a big family, there is always that one person who ends up taking a cold shower. With the tankless water heater be sure that all this can be avoided. Since the tank heats water on demand and it does not rely on the size of the tank like the conventional water heaters. This ensures that you have enough hot water to do the dishes, laundry and take showers.  Nobody will be complaining of taking a cold shower or having to wash the dishes with cold water.

3. Clean water

Unlike the traditional water heaters which hold water in a tank before distribution the tankless water heater does not have a tank to hold the water. This ensures that the water you get in your home has not been sitting for hours in a tank. Additionally, this water is free from any sediments and rust as it comes directly from the water pumps. Water that has been in a tank for a longer period may be filled with sediments from the inside of the tank thus making it contaminated.

4. Saves energy and money

Although installing a tankless water heater may be costly and expensive the investment, in the long run, is worth it. The tankless water heater saves up on energy and money by eliminating the standby costs. A traditional water heater piles up the bill when the tank is full of water, and nobody is using the water, and it has to be warmed up. The tankless water heater works on demand, and this allows it to save up on energy costs.

5. Has a longer life span

Most of the water heaters including heat pumps, solar powered heaters, and the storage tanks have a shorter life span as compared to the tankless water heater. This is because most of the water heaters store the water after heating and this causes corrosion which eats up the storage tank. Since tankless water heaters don’t have a storage tank and they don’t hold any water, it makes them less susceptible to rust attack. This, in turn, improves their life span.

6. Have a high rate of distribution

Since the tankless water heater operates on demand, this means that it can produce and heat water to be used around the house at the same time. For example, the water heater can heat enough water to run more than one bath, do the dishes, and supply to the washing machine all at the same time. And the amazing fact is that the water will be enough and no activity will run out of hot water. Whenever you are not using the hot water, you can easily turn off the water faucets.

7. Less prone to accidental water flooding

Take a scenario where the pipes burst, and the whole house gets flooded with hot water from the storage tank. This problem can be avoided if you are using a tankless water heater since there is no stored water. An accident like this can cause a lot of causalities and damages. There have been a lot of cases reported where the water pipes bursts and most of the property destroyed in the process.


If you are planning on changing from the use of a traditional storage tank to a tankless water heater. You can go here to find out more information on many different types of tankless water heaters. Then you need to be acquitted with all the benefits of your decision. Although, installation of the tank is quite expensive the benefits out the way that.