Obed Dominguez – The Passionate ‘Solar Man’ With Big Dreams Man Who Made It Big

Obed Dominguez, the CEO of Sunforce Solar, has had a mesmerizing journey for a 23-year-old. Born and brought up in Los Angeles, California, he moved to Las Cruces in 2009. Originally hailing from Mexico, he always had big dreams to fulfill and thus he moved to the United States at the age of 5. He has been working on bringing out new innovations and has had a great run till now. His full focus is on the new inventions and innovations that are happening in the field of science and technology.

Company’s Mandate

His company, Sunforce Solar, gives out technical solutions to solar energy and its associated fields. He has been dishing out several technical specimens that showcase his company’s aptitude for solving modern problems related to solar energy and its thermal conversion. He came to the United States at the age of 5 and since then always had the vision of giving something back to society. He is also very much interested in mentoring others to make them better versions of themselves. His outlook as an entrepreneur has made him see things very differently. 

Services offered by Sunforce Solar

Sunforce Solar is dedicated to providing sustainable solar solutions to the residential market industry. He describes his job as a CEO as someone who needs to cater to the needs and demands of consumers and to ensure the proper grievance redressal in order to attenuate better revenues for the company. This attitude of Obed is the reason why his company has soared to new heights from the time it has begun its operations.

Obed’s passion for his profession

Having completed his first college semester in 2018, he has been hopping from job to job. He started off by working in a call center but soon realized how he was truly terrible at it. It was not something that he really wanted to do. It was just not his calling so he decided to apply to different solar firms for a sales position. He was initially rejected by around 3 companies that did not find him suitable for the job but he soon realized that in order to be successful one day he has to be on the mark for a long period of time. 

The above passage is testimony to Obed’s passion for his work. He has been doing this since the age of 23 and this is what makes him stand out. He could have easily given up but he did not. His passion is what makes him stand out in the crowd that has been working in the renewable energy sector.

His outgoing nature also helped him get past this difficult phase of his life. He did not allow his circumstances to get the better of him. This was the moment at which he decided to keep pushing hard till the day he made it. The first company in which he worked still holds a special place in his heart. He is still in touch with almost all of them.

Advice to his colleagues in the industry

Obed thinks it is imperative for company colleagues and industry people to surround themselves with positive people so as to not fall prey to negative thoughts and vibes. This is very important to keep a level-headed approach to stress that is a byproduct of our work. He also wants industry colleagues to be very ethical in their approach. This is very important due to increasing customer expectations that can be met only by being ethical and honest about one’s approach to work. This is something that is very crucial for the overall growth of a person or an organization.

Managing success and what he intends to do with it

He has used his success to work in a positive direction helping out depressed people and bringing them up to the mark to make them achieve what they want to do in their life. He has also been doing a lot of charity to give something back to society. This has enlarged his worldview and has helped him be a better version of himself.

Future plans

He has been writing his first book for quite some time now and is now raging to get it published. Given the name and fame that he has achieved in such a short span of time, it’s only a matter of time before his work gets published. Apart from this, he will be releasing his NFT collection with his good friend and business partner Samuel Barazza. He also wants to make time for building a platform to do some major philanthropic work before hitting 25. His passionate demeanor has had an effect on his office colleagues as well. 

Website: www.sunforce.solar

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