Luxembourg Markets: best shopping in the city

Luxembourg has a wide variety of markets, many in the city, and some more in little towns and villages. Fresh products, antiques and unique objects are on display with historical sites and squares as background.

Markets in Luxembourg target all tastes and offer a different perspective on the country, its history and traditions, and their unique cuisine.

Join us to discover this beautiful country through its markets. 

Flea markets

When visiting a flea market in Luxembourg you are sure to discover a secret treasure. Many offer antiques, and with the country having a lengthy and rich past, we know we can find something unique.

The biggest flea market is called “Antiques & Art Fair Luxembourg”. It’s organized every year at Luxexpo and it’s the best place to find secondhand items, artsy products, and antiques.

In the Place d’Armes in the city, every other Saturday, there is an antiques market that attracts locals and tourists equally. This market, open from 8 to 6pm, is a great place to hunt for unique items of clothing, furniture, or decoration, as well as jewelry.

Champ du Glacis is also the setting for a massive flea market, open on the first Sunday of the month from 10 to 5pm, from May to October (dates may vary).

Fresh products markets

Fresh food markets are very popular in Luxembourg. They offer locally produced fruit and vegetables, cheese, meats, nuts, breads, jams, and a whole diversity of typical local foods.

These markets are well known for offering high quality and products that may not be available otherwise, as well as offering a direct experience between producer and client.

In the City of Luxembourg, the most famous fresh food market it’s called the Stater Maart. It’s usually located on Place Guillaume II and Place de Paris (however, due to Place Guillaume II undertaking renovation work, it’s been relocated to Place Hailius for a year now).

The market is open Wednesday and Saturday from 7.30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Visiting this market is a great opportunity to mingle with locals and discover the local delicacies.

Outside of the City of Luxembourg there are many other weekly fresh food markets that are worth visiting. The best ones are in Diekirch (Tuesdays), Dudelange (Thursdays), and Ettelbruck (Fridays).

How to get to Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a landlocked country in the heart of Europe. Reaching Luxembourg from one of the neighbour countries, Belgium, France, or Germany, is easy by car, train, or bus.

But Luxembourg also has an international airport, which means it’s just a few hours away from any large European city.

From the airport, there are taxis and buses that will take you to the main stations and points in the city. However, if you’re looking for a smarter and more affordable way to get from and to the airport, you should consider door2gate, a shuttle taxi to Luxembourg airport. This is a service that will take you straight from the airport to the door of wherever you are going in Luxembourg and the greater region at a much more convenient price. The same counts for the way back to the airport, regardless of where you are, you can find a ride to get you to the airport on time.

How to reach the markets

The markets within the city limits are easily reached either by bus, walking, or cycling.

Getting to other towns to visit the flea markets or fresh food markets is also rather easy using the Luxembourgish public transport system, or by car if you prefer. Luxembourg prides itself in offering a comprehensive and efficient bus system, which in turn reduces the need to have cars on the road, promoting a more ecological approach to transportation and protecting the natural patrimony of the country.

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