Why Are Fewer Young People Choosing To Drive?

Did you know that fewer millennials are choosing to drive these days? In fact, when you look at the number of millennials who drive on a regular basis compared to the number of baby boomers when they were the same age, you will notice that the current figure of young drivers is very small indeed. It seems that the younger generations are shunning cars and most aren’t even bothering to take their driving test. Even some young people who have passed their test have decided not to buy a car and rely on public transport instead.

But why are numbers of younger drivers in such decline at the minute? Well, motor experts have a few theories as to why it could be. Read on to find out more.

It’s Too Expensive

There is no denying that driving can be very expensive. As most millennials are in quite low-paid jobs, they just don’t have the funds to save up for a car and all of the other expenses that come with it, such as car insurance and road tax. It’s especially expensive when things go wrong. If a driver is ever caught drunk behind the wheel, they will need to find special drink driving insurance that doesn’t cost them the world. Various fixes and maintenance will also add up and could become quite costly for most drivers.

It’s Bad For The Environment

These days, the younger generations are a lot more aware of the environment than what previous generations were. We now know that a lot of our actions and behavior can have a very negative effect on the planet as it can severely damage the environment. Driving is one such activity that has been linked to climate change and global warming. As a result, more young people are shunning it and choosing to opt for greener modes of transport instead.

They Don’t Need To

Another reason why so many millennials are choosing not to drive is that they don’t need to. These days, many young people are putting off huge life decisions, like starting a family, until they are much older. In fact, some people don’t start a family until they are in their forties. As a result, they don’t need cars to help transport their family around. So, it’s an expense that they can do without until they do start their family. Not only that, though, but many millennials are concentrating on trying to get their foot on the property ladder, and having a car would be a drain on savings that could be used for a deposit.

There Are More Alternatives These Days

People don’t need a car to get from A to B anymore. The public transport network in most suburban areas is pretty good, and many are now commuting via bus or train. There are also a lot more car share opportunities, including the likes of Uber, so people don’t feel stranded when they don’t have a car like they might have done a few decades ago.

Why do you think millennials are choosing not to drive now?