7 Bargain Property Buys in NSW in 2019

If you have been following the Australian property market, you would be forgiven for thinking that all hope is lost for picking up a home for less than $500000. If you are willing to look further away from our cities, you can find a new home without being a millionaire. In fact, there are places in NSW selling for under $100000 if you know where to look. With prices falling in NSW, it might be time to make your dreams become reality. If you are looking for an Australian lender, Compare Home Loans across The Big 4 and see how Newcastle Permanent stacks up. Buckle up was we look at best places in NSW to find a bargain buy.

Broken Hill

Whilst much closer to Adelaide than Sydney, Broken Hills is the cheapest town in NSW to buy a home. The longest running mining town in Australia, Broken Hill is viewed as the quintessential outback town. A long way from the bustling Sydney, Broken Hill has a vibrant art scene and has a place in cinema history with many classic films being shot in the surrounding areas. An average house will set you back around $130000.


North of Dubbo is Warren, a wool and cotton growing centre. The majestic Macquarie River flows through the town providing wonderful fishing spots. Gorgeous Art Deco buildings are peppered throughout the town giving it unique old world charm. The median house price in Warren is $160000.


Dubbed the “Astronomy capital of Australia” due to its proximity to Siding Spring Observatory. This peaceful town offers bird watching and nature walks and is near national Parks and state forests. If you are a lover of all things cosmic, you will love the Starfest festival, held every year in conjunction with the Siding Springs Observatory. The median house price is around $170000.


 Sharing the mighty Castlereagh River with Coonabarabran is the rural town of Gilgandra. In the past it was known as windmill town for its nearly 300 windmills. Annual community events include horse racing and an agricultural fair. The average house in Gilgandra will set you back around $185000.


 Sitting on the Bombala River, this tiny town is known as Platypus country and hosts a wonderful array of wildlife including, you guessed it, a relatively high number of Platypus. Bombala is a breezy 500kms south of Sydney and the median sales prices is $180000.


A gold rush town with pedigree, Grenfell is the birth place of poet and national treasure Henry Lawson. The town plays host the annual Grenfell Lawson festival which celebrates the life and works of the pioneering artist. Now home to another famous Australian, an enormous statue of a gold pick and pan. Grenfell also has a fascinating museum of old Chrysler cars. To own a piece of Australiana will set you back an average of $190000.


Continuing with Australia’s love for “big things” is the sheep and wheat farming town of Nyngan. In 2015 the town unveiled a new addition to the prestigious list of big things, the big Bogan. Yep, it’s exactly what you think it is, a towering stature of a man in a singlet with a mullet and a Southern Cross tattoo. The town sits on the banks of the Bogan river (again, not joking) and the average home will cost you $190000.

New South Wales is vast and varied in both geography and character. Whilst the major cities grow congested and unbearably expensive there are charming towns waiting to welcome you. Imagine substituting traffic jams and noise pollution for fresh air and clear blue skies.



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