Fight the Summer Heat With These Cool Driving Tips

There’s no doubt that passengers and drivers prefer summertime to embark on trips. This is the time when we get all the sunshine, warm temperatures, long days and a cool breeze. All in all, the perfect conditions for a road trip.

But during the summer we also get heat. And heat in cars kills off every pleasant feeling. But worry not, we will give you some fantastic and convenient tips regarding how to repel the heat while driving your car.

  1. Park in the shade

Its basic physics – if a car remains exposed to hot sunlight for long, it will inevitably get warm. This will make it hard to touch anything on the dashboard, including your steering wheel. The lack of shade is a huge factor especially for places that have cars for sale. 

More often than not, these vehicles are exposed to sunlight all day long. So if you are there looking to purchase a used car, you may be unpleasantly surprised by the heated seat and wheel.

  1. Use a windshield cover

While this accessory won’t help with the warm stale air inside the car, it will definitely prevent anything inside the car from getting hot. It’s not a big deal, but you want to operate your shift stick, freely, right? 

  1. Don’t shut the windows all the way up

Be careful with this one because you don’t want anyone taking your car for a test drive, do you? But leaving just a small crack will enhance ventilation just enough.

  1. Check that AC before your trip

You want to make sure the AC of the car is fully functional. Better have a mechanic check it for you because nothing’s worse than a vehicle without air-conditioning. If you are doing a test drive, make sure to crank that AC to the maximum so that you can see if it’s in good condition.  

Luckily, there are a few used car dealers like Hertz Rent2Buy, that make sure to always have a specialist near you, ready to provide information regarding the status of the car.

  1. Get shades

Car shades are a very underrated addition to every carpool. In reality, they will help you battle those pesky sun rays that pervade your car while you are inside. Tinted windows are banned in many countries, so shades are your best option. You will be surprised how much load off the AC they can take.

  1. Never use the maximum speed of the fan

Cranking the fan up is not suitable for the fan, the AC and definitely for the passengers. Higher fan speed doesn’t do much, but it produces a lot of noise. On the other hand, who says you can’t get the sniffles in the summertime. Of course, you can – moderation is the answer.

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