A trip through the UK

Thanks to globalisation it is possible to travel to places it wasn’t even imaginable to go before. Because of that we find a growing amount of people travelling all around the world to see Angkor Wat or the Grand Canyon. Though it is true the world is beautiful and full of wonders there is no need to go thousands and thousands of miles in order to get delighted since here, in the UK, there are quite a significant number of landscapes to enjoy in a short road trip.

First you can start with Glasgow, a city known for its cultural offer full of museums and galleries that can be appreciated both for their content and their architecture. But that is not the only culture there is to be found, Glasgow is also known for its musical scene. From Celtic Connections to the Jazz Festival, music fills the city all over the year, and it is a must when you are visiting. Make sure you at least go to one, and if you are travelling on your own you can use Skokka to meet lovely Glasgow escorts that will show you around.

Later on your trip Manchester is a good option. Either if you are a fan of football or history, this is your city. From the National Football Museum to both stadiums of the Manchester City and the Manchester United, the football theme is strong in the city for every fan. In the other hand if what you are after is a more historically interesting city you can choose from the Museum of Science and Industry to People’s History Museum. Before ending, it is also recommended that you go visit Manchester Three Rivers and enjoy the gin with someone. If you are travelling alone you can always search for hot independent Manchester escorts near you with whom you can go there.

For your final stop London is the city you are looking for. Filled with the history of what once was the capital of an empire and the civilised world, London, has many things to offer. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone thousands of times, there is always something new to discover. From Tower Bridge to Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park and the Big Ben the city is packed with landmarks that everyone has to see at least once in a lifetime. As well as history, the city has one of the biggest and most vibrant shopping scenes in Europe and in the world as a whole. From the worldwide famous Harrods to Covent Garden, passing through Carnaby Street the city has everything covered. The only thing the city asks you for in exchange of everything it has ready for you is money, so keep that in mind. As a cherry on top you can also enjoy the companionship of some of the most beautiful women from all over the world with a simple search for sexy London escorts.

After finishing the route you will be pretty exhausted of travelling for a while but, for sure, you will take out of this experience some memories and anecdotes that will be cherished and shared for the rest of your life so go ahead and do it. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful country and enjoy the breath-taking sights while on the road with one of the women from Skokka.

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