Unitel Double Turnover & Increase Customer Base

Unitel Direct Group, the UK’s leading supplier of business related services has doubled its turnover this year as well as increasing its customer headcount by an astonishing 70,000 registrations. The company recently registered its 200,000’th domain for its UK and international client base.

Unitel Direct specialise in business to business related services such as websites, online marketing, search engine placements, gas, electricity, water, mobile phones, telephone, and broadband. Over 80% of the company’s customer base now has more than one product or service supplied by Unitel, meaning that customers receive only one bill for all services i.e. energy, websites and telecoms, all on one easy to read bill. Customers are joining in their droves and the company recently expanded its sales operations to a purpose built Sales Centre which accommodates 200 sales agents for the firm.

The firm is now in discussions for relocating its head office as it has outgrown its current centre – with the help and assistance of a specialist relocation agency. The firm is committed to remaining firmly in the Tees Valley region and has big expansion plans for the next 18 months. After securing a six figure funding amount, the company is looking to create up to 150 job roles in Teesside for its sales, customer service, and collections departments. After partnering with the UK’s largest directory business – the company now offers a specific unique marketing proposition for its customers that is not offered by any additional firm in the UK, meaning that Unitel is unique in its offerings.

Management at Unitel have given the following statement:

We are very excited for the future here at Unitel Direct and we firmly believe in the re-investment of the funds recently received for our growth to re-invest into the Tees Valley region which has served us so well historically and continues to do so. We are very excited about our latest business move and we are now embarking on a large scale recruitment drive which is vital for the local economy within the Tees Valley region.

Unitel has grown significantly over the past 10 years and we are now recognised as one of the UK’s largest b2b related service providers. It’s fantastic that household names and bluechip companies are contacting Unitel to form commercial relationships and we feel very honoured that these firms have chosen to work with Unitel. From our humble beginnings in Middlesbrough above a nightclub to now a multi million pound turnover business that has over 600 people connected and working for us – it’s incredible and very humbling to see.

We are growing at a lightning rate, but the company is well equipped to deal with the vast amount of customers joining on a monthly basis. The company has offices in the UK and offshore which are all customer facing teams and ensure that our customers’ calls are answered within 60 seconds of ringing us. None of our competitors can boast this impressive number and it’s what sets us apart from the competition.

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