Small Business: 5 Tips for Converting More Visitors in Customers

On average, only 4% of website visitors convert. This means that around 96% of the people who visit your website are doing little more than bumping up your traffic numbers instead of your sales. This, of course, is a problem because while it is important for your website to provide value to your audience, its main purpose is to sell your products or services.

So, what do you do to convert all those leads into customers and keep moving your business forward? In this post, we’ll explore 5 strategies that will help you optimize your conversions and increase your bottom line.

Improve Your Checkout Process

With how convenient online shopping is today, people aren’t willing to spend ages going through a lengthy checkout process with countless shipping options before making the payment. Ensure that yours is as easy and fast as possible to avoid losing customers halfway through.

Optimize Your Newsletter

We know that newsletters have the potential to be an incredibly powerful and affordable component of any marketing strategy. That is if you know how to make the most out of them. Your newsletter needs to be designed, formatted, and optimized to bring subscribers back to your website and convert again.

One of the most important components of an effective newsletter is your onboarding workflow. As further explained in the link from SendinBlue, your newsletter needs to contain triggers that motivate customers to come back for more. This is done by developing a balance between incorporating valuable content and new products, special offers for subscribers, etc.

Tailor Your Content

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of tailoring their content to draw general traffic instead of paying customers. Take time to understand your buyer personas, from their age and gender to industry position and interests. This will help you draw the type of traffic that will lead to sales.

Eliminate Distractions

If your blog posts are filled with links, comments, and other elements that could draw readers away from the prospect at hand, your conversion rate will suffer. Your audience should be able to stay focused on your articles from start to end. The way you format your articles plays a large role in making this happen.

For example, your paragraphs should be no longer than four sentences. There should be bullet points and subheadings wherever applicable, as well as high-quality pictures that relate to the content. Highlight or use bold words where you want their attention to be drawn and make your call-to-action eye-catching.

Remarket Your Brand

Remarketing or retargeting is the process of bringing people back to convert. For example, if you have a clothing store and a customer spent most of their time browsing your shoe selection but didn’t check-out after adding your product to their cart, a retargeting tool will place a cookie that serves them ads of your shoes on other websites.


Some external factors that influence conversion rates are simply out of our control, such as your industry and economic downturn. That said, following these steps will go a long way in helping you increase sales and turn more leads into paying customers.

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