World Cup Winner Karembeu Christian Promises to Change Face of Sponsorship Industry.

SPONSOR.ONLINE have been making great strides in the football industry since the turn of this year, and right now they seemed to have stepped it up a gear with retired French footballer, Karembeu Christian coming on board.

The Swiss sports sponsorship marketplace at the moment, have under their wings more than 150 football clubs, as well as about 50 brands from around the world using the platform to arrange, negotiate and sign sponsorship deals.

With the announcement of Karembeu Christian, who aside from being a seasoned footballer is a very experienced investor and sport advisor, SPONSOR.ONLINE are ready to start punching above their weight and revolutionise the industry.

Karembeu Christian, 48, who was part of the French world cup winning team in 1998 and a European champion in 2000, spoke about the sport revolution that SPONSOR.ONLINE in all about.

According to him, football has evolved greatly from when he used to be very active, and the game these days is rather more complex. This brings in the need for highly developed technology ideas and innovations to make the sport easier and more basic and also guarantee success.

There are plenty of new clubs and sponsors following every week; there are more and more sponsorship contracts being signed and the total value of inventory offered is growing every day,’ continues Karembeu. ‘We have the potential to change the world here, and I would be more than happy to share my passion with other investors who want to join us on our journey.’ Said Karembeu Christian

The former Real Madrid star also gave assurance that SPONSOR.ONLINE will help the sport a lot in harnessing transactions through price reduction, as well as developing the financial aspect of soccer to a more developed level than it is now. This in the long run will give room for a lot of possibilities in the new market of the sport.

A lot of clubs and brands join SPONSOR.ONLINE every week, and they get a lot of sponsorship deals too. This just shows how well things are going, and how much people believe in the process.

With all of these developments, Karembeu Christian as vowed that he would share his passion with investors, and together with the potential that this Swiss based digital marketplace has, the face of sponsorship in soccer will change for better.

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