Pros and Cons of Web Data Extraction for Business

According to the Market Report Future study, the web scraping branch is going to rise by over 13% annually for seven further years and will reach $1.73 billion by 2030. Specialists explain such a huge growth because data mining offers numerous advantages for businesses.

However, that’s true only if you order data extraction from website from a trustworthy IT company (e.g., Nannostomus). Otherwise, your enterprise may have huge problems with the law. So, let’s dive deeper into the key benefits and shortcomings of web scraping for business.

Primary Automated Web Data Extraction Pros

Probably, the main advantage relates to the high speed of such operations performance. For instance, web scraping bots are able to wrap 1,000 goods’ descriptions into a small Excel table in only several minutes. Thus, data mining helps save time.

Possibility to Collect Hefty Amounts of Information

Investment foundations usually employ web scraping bots to detect hidden risks when making deals. Moreover, the specified robots may analyze the collected information. In this case, investors are able to find the reasons for past failures or achievements of other financiers. This allows for understanding ongoing market trends much better.

E-store owners typically use data extraction bots to track prices offered by their rivals. Such an approach enables suggesting cheaper goods to consumers. As a result, online shops gain more regular clients and improve their customer satisfaction. On the other hand, manually tracking the specified data takes a lot of time. Furthermore, live analysts can make mistakes. So, using robots is an excellent e-commerce solution.

Service sales companies commonly track the current interests of their targeted audience. This helps create more attractive offerings. Also, the specified enterprises can analyze the behavior of prospects and existing customers by employing robots.

Quite Low Expenses

One web scraping bot is able to replace an entire analytical department, including numerous live specialists. At the same time, it’s relatively inexpensive to use robots. Thus, entrepreneurs may essentially decrease corporate spending if they use data mining bots to collect and process information on the internet.

Reliability With High Productivity

Robots can extract and process 24/7 sans any breaks. And the quality of the ongoing operations is always at a consistently high level. On the other hand, live employees tend to get tired. Moreover, if such specialists are overloaded, they may miss important data as part of the analyzing process. Thus, robots are much more robust to use.

Disadvantages of Web Scraping Bots

Experts note the following main cons of data mining robots:

  • necessity for constant maintenance;
  • bots need to be set, so somebody should configure those robots before using them;
  • some websites may forbid access for your robots if you extract information too aggressively.

However, such difficulties are quite easy to avoid. You just need to hire experienced professionals to scrape data for your business. Such specialists may be found, for example, at

Bottom Line

Web scraping is an almost perfect tool for collecting as well as processing information on the internet. Data mining bots are much cheaper and more efficient than live employees. Such robots have several cons, though. However, if entrepreneurs contact skilled IT specialists, they can avoid all the issues.