Helpful Airbnb Design Tips For Beginners

If you are looking to get into the Airbnb business this year, there are a lot of great chances for you to make a decent living. Renting an Airbnb or a house is a great opportunity to earn passive income throughout the year and give you the chance to Holiday in your own private home in the summer. Today we want to take a look at some handy tips you can use if you are new to designing and you want to design a great Airbnb for your guests. 

Ask for advice 

Before you jump in gung-ho, there is always room to ask for some advice before you begin on a project. Take a moment and see if you can find anyone connected to airbnb management or even look for a blog on the subject to get some ideas. Remember that a Holiday Home has different requirements to a regular home so you will want to ensure that you can input all of the best features to the space to make it shine. 

Think comfort 

When designing a home which will be lived in by strangers for days and weeks at a time, the most important thing for you to make sure of is that it is a comfortable living space. When creating a comfortable place like this, you will want to think of providing lots of seating, plenty of cushions, and even some extra touches such as blankets for people to use at night in the winter. Many Airbnb owners can focus too much on the Airbnb interior design of the space rather than the practicality and this can sometimes lead to the home not having enough seats for the people it sleeps. Imagine how many seats you would want at home and work from that for the best results. 

Be bold 

When creating an Airbnb to rent out to the public, you will want your home to stand out from the other options on their list. To do this, it is important to go bold with the design you choose to really stand out in photographs and make people stop scrolling to investigate further. Think about adding contemporary features such as a copper bathtub, and a juliette balcony, and make the space as unique as you can. 

Dress Up The Windows

The windows of a home can make a big impression on the people looking for a place to stay. When searching for the ideal holiday home, people are always looking for a home which looks light and bright and spacious. When designing a holiday home try to avoid using chunky curtains around the windows and instead use some plastic vertical blinds which give the impression of more space.

Use flowers and plants 

Flowers and plants can make a world of difference to a picture, and when creating a showhome worthy space they are a handy feature to have. When setting up your home, consider adding large house plants around the home and also add a bunch or two of fresh flowers on the day before your guests arrive. Small touches like this can really make a difference to the atmosphere of the home and your guests will appreciate the extra effort you have gone to in order to make this home perfect for their holiday.

Embrace The Small Spaces

There might be a small space or two in your Airbnb which you don’t know how to utilise, but there are some great ideas you can try. One of the ideas for a small nook in the living room is to create a small seating area with high book shelves to allow people to sit in a comfortable space and enjoy a good book. This is something which can definitely make a difference to the home and it will show that you are thinking about making the most of every little bit of space. Consider looking online at how to utilise small spaces and gain some inspiration. 

Be Instagrammable 

As an Airbnb owner, you are essentially working for yourself and running a small business. As such, marketing is something you will always want to think about and you can do this in a simple way. Everyone these days likes to share things on social media, and the more Instagrammable you make your holiday home, the more likely people are to take pictures and share them with their friends and followers. This can be a great method for gaining some free advertising and this will allow more people to find your home and rent it out for themselves. 

Skip white walls 

White walls are BORING. When it comes to decorating your home this year, you can consider ditching the white walls and choosing something with a little more flair and style. It can be easy to do this by creating some wonderful designs on the walls with bright block colours, geometric designs, or wallpaper. Let’s think for example about creating a geometric feature wall. You can do this using 3-4 colours of paint and some frog tape. Place frog tape on the wall to create lots of triangles of different sizes. Once you have done this, you can paint the triangles with different colours and let it dry. Once dried, you can remove the frog tape and leave a stunning mural on the wall which will wow your guests. 

Choose a fun colour scheme for a wall like this such as these:

  • Orange, yellow, green, grey
  • Black, grey, blue, orange
  • Pink, purple, grey, navy
  • Red, green, grey, black
  • Yellow, blue, grey, black 

Play with texture

The final touch for making an Airbnb to be proud of is to play with texture. Texture in an interior design is something which is important and it can make a huge impact on your guests. For example, even if you use a neutral grey colour palette for furniture, you can create depth with different tones and textures layered on top of one another. For example a grey wooden floor, a grey fluffy rug, a grey marble table, and a grey leather sofa. Together all of these things make a wonderful design.


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