Buying Your First Vehicle

If you just passed your test, your mind will obviously be on getting your first car. Most likely, you will want a runner that will help you hone your driving skills further. You’ll ask for advice, and you will most likely check out some manufacturer sites and YouTube videos and review sites. Most likely, it’s a lot of information coming your way. Where do you start? How do you decide what’s right for you? There seem to be thousands of cars out there, how do you pick? 

And what if you choose a dodgy car, are you protected against buying a vehicle that will break down within a week?

Who’s Going To Be In Your Car?

The best thing to do is to do your research. First of all, decide what car you really want and what kind of car you really need. There might be quite some distance between the two. And for your first car, you don’t want to be paying a premium. The first decision you will have to make is how many doors you want. Small runners have 2 doors (not counting the boot), and in most cases, these are cheaper. You can move up to 4 doors, with the backseat passengers having their own entry. The question is If you are expecting to have to drive passengers around in the back. If the answer is no, stick to two doors.

Engine Size

Another thing to decide on is the engine size. Most small cars are light and are not required to pack a punch. A smaller sized engine is usually more fuel-efficient and will be cheaper than larger engines. Plus road tax goes up for bigger engine sizes. If you are not planning to attach a cart to your car anytime soon or expect to fit 4 people in the back of your vehicle, then smaller is better.

The Extras

Consider also the things that are essential for you. For example, how much do you value having air conditioning in the car? Some might say, with this climate change going on, that it’s an essential and are willing to pay the premium, others will simply tough it out. Also, in terms of music and sounds, do you want a premium setup or do you just need a USB connection to charge your phone with? Having a good idea of the extras, you deem essential will narrow things down quickly.

Business First

If you are going to be using your vehicle for business purposes, then you are going to want to check out a company that specializes in that. Southern Commercial Sales is a family run business and precisely the kind of place you should be looking into. It is worth remembering that when a vehicle is for business purposes, there are some tax perks that come with that, like your mileage and the cost of the car or van. 

Buying your first car is an exciting time and should be handled with care. The last time you want to do is buy on a whim and regreting it within days. 

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