Is It Possible to Buy CBD Products Online Legally?

CBD is an herbal supplement derived from cannabis, but it doesn’t have the same kinds of psychotropic effects as marijuana. Instead, consumers use it to treat a wide variety of physical and mental ailments without having to worry about an unwanted high.

One would think given that Canada legalized recreational cannabis use in October of last year that CBD products would be easy to come by. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. In fact, the Cannabis Act of 2018 specifically omits any mention of CBD.

It is still possible to buy CBD online in most towns in Canada, though. Read on to find out about the ins and outs of ordering from an Online Canadian Dispensary.

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid, a compound found in the trichomes of cannabis plants. It can be derived from either hemp or marijuana but either way, it doesn’t get consumers high. It does, however, help to alleviate social anxiety, combat insomnia, and reduce the intensity of PTSD symptoms. Modern science has also proven CBD to help with a wide range of physical health problems ranging from epilepsy to chronic pain conditions.

Is it Legal?

Although the Cannabis Act legalized most forms of cannabis and cannabis extracts, most consumers and many business owners still have questions about the legality of CBD and other cannabinoids. Just like marijuana, CBD is strictly regulated. Only some producers have the go-ahead from the Canadian government to make CBD products and only some retailers are licensed to sell them.

Like brick-and-mortar businesses, online retailers can be licensed to sell CBD extracts and products. The strict licensing requirements may be frustrating for some consumers and business owners, but the government put them into place to protect the Canadian public.

Licensed producers extract CBD from cannabis leaves and flowering buds, where concentrations of the compound are highest. They are not allowed to extract CBD from other parts of the plant.

The Importance of Buying Lab-Tested Products

If a CBD producer or retailer isn’t licensed there’s no way for consumers to tell what they’re getting. While most illegal CBD beverages and natural health products that feature CBD are usually harmless, they may contain only negligible amounts of the compound or even have none of it in them at all. There’s no way for consumers to tell for sure if the producers’ extracts aren’t put through rigorous laboratory tests.

How to Avoid Untested Products

The easiest way for consumers interested in trying CBD to make sure that they’re getting their money’s worth is to buy only from reputable vendors. Buying online is a great option as long as the buyer does some research and chooses a company that specializes in selling cannabis products. Online buyers can find out everything they need to know about products and have them shipped discreetly right to their own homes without having to go through the stress of finding and patronizing a brick-and-mortar cannabis store.

The Bottom Line

Currently, only businesses that sell medical or recreational cannabis are allowed to sell CBD, and they’re the only ones whose products are guaranteed to be effective. As long as they buy from a reputable vendor, consumers need not worry about the legality of buying CBD products online. It’s perfectly legal to buy, possess, and ingest these products from licensed vendors and what legal restrictions are in place are there to protect consumers.