Identifying The Pain Point

It doesn’t matter if you are selling high-ticket packages or $1 downloads. You should always be focusing on the problems that you are solving for your clients. And, for almost everyone that turns from a hot lead into a client or customer had their problem solved. But if you are either looking to branch out into a different market or seeing a lot of hot-leads turn cold, then you might need to pay closer attention to the pain points. 

Firstly, it is wise to define what a pain point is. A pain point is a specific problem that customers and clients of your business are experiencing. So you are in the business of solving their problems – you are removing their pain points. 

Secondly – creating a solution to specific pain points is where most businesses thrive and see growth. 

When looking to identify a pain point, there are some questions you are going to need to ask.

What Takes p the Most Time in Your Day? 

Almost all entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners will have similar answers to this. It is likely going to be something that is repetitive, adds little to no value – but needs to be done. Then ask – if X task wasn’t there, what would they do with their time. 

Use the two answers to start building a framework for your solution. You might want to look at a way that you can work with, or recommend companies that work in the remit of the solution that they need. Supporting and recommending eflow technology procurement software, Xero, Salesforce Essentials, and so on. So you bring value to the conversation because of your expertise but can direct clients to tools that will help too. 

What Slows Your Growth?

This could be a more significant answer than you anticipated. Growth, or the lack of, is going to be one of the most significant issues for almost everyone. If you get this question in early enough, you will find that you have people who want to have a more in-depth conversation about this topic… creating some nice leads. 

Once you have a few responses, use the answers to dig deeper. You will find that time, money, and resources are some of the highest on the list. Time and resources are the biggest to factors, that will then, in turn, lead to more significant income generation. 

What Do You Obsess Over?

Typically the issues that are obsessed over are the ones that are taking up time unnecessarily. If you are talking to someone in the mid-levels, then you have to ask what the boss is obsessing over. Whatever is taking up their brain space, will be the most significant pain point. 

What Annoys You?

This might be an odd one, but sometimes the things that annoy people the most, are where they are really struggling. That struggle is something you can focus on. 

When you know what the real issues are for your clients, you will be able to improve the services that you provide for them, and move forward with your own business and create applications, tools, courses or complete guides that address the pain points head-on. 

Sure, you are looking for clients with money to spend, and the dedication to fix their issues, but without that all-important solution to their problem, you are going to find that you have less to offer them, and they have less reason to spend money on you.

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