TopTekkers: The world’s best app to teach young football players

TopTekkers is now available to download for aspiring football players

MANCHESTER, UK / MONDAY OCTOBER 7 2019: Every budding football star now has their own private coach available at their fingertips! Today, TopTekkers was released on the App Store and Google Play. The mobile application, designed to help young players sharpen their skills, has been created by a team of UEFA and USSF licensed coaches, with the shared objective of getting children back outside, practicing football skills and becoming better players.

TopTekkers features a number of techniques that are essential for all football players, including passing, shooting and dribbling. For each technique, there is a a video demonstration, with simple and clear instructions for players to follow. Plus a challenge, which gives players an opportunity to practice the technique. The app will launch with over 50 videos available to users.

TopTekkers Head of Content, Steve Crane said: “We’ve created a really simple product that will appeal to young people around the world, who want to become to better football players. Not only is it user friendly and easy to navigate, but the challenges require very little equipment, in some cases, just a ball!”

TopTekkers users will also be able to evaluate themselves in each challenge by submitting a score based on their performance. A player’s progress will be recorded in their account, and the player, their parent or coach will be able to view the scores. Users can also earn in-app ‘trophies’ for reaching certain score targets.

Steve Crane added: “Each player will have tangible evidence of their progress. If they’re practicing a passing challenge, they’ll be able to monitor their improvements and see if they’re getting better. When players see they’re getting better, we feel players will be motivated to keep practicing”.

Players will be able to compare their scores in challenges to friends, teammates and other players all over the world, adding a social element for users.

A portal has also been created so a user’s parents can view their activity too. A parent’s approval will also be required for a child to gain access to TopTekkers.

Watch the TopTekkers technique on Striking A Moving Ball

TopTekkers is available online at or available for download at the App Store or Google Play

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