What to Look for in a Glazing Company

Whether you want to install new windows, doors, or a conservatory, it’s vital that you find a reliable glazing company. Not all companies offer the same value, however. Here’s what you should ask before you hire a tradesperson.

What type of materials do they use?

In the glazing world, there are countless options available to homeowners. Be sure you find out the materials a glazing company recommends before you hire them. Ask to see some of the actual products they promote. You should touch and feel everything before they install it at your home.

What are you looking for? You want a glazing company that installs high-quality products. It’s important to have sturdy locks and working parts. It’s also wise to test products of different price points. After all, you want the best you can afford without going over budget.

Do they offer deposit protection?

When you hire a glazing company, it’s not uncommon for them to ask for a deposit. This amount can range from 10-50% of the total price. The purpose of a deposit is to help cover the cost of materials. It also protects the glazing company in case you back out.

But what if the company backs out instead? Deposit protection ensures you get back your money if the company doesn’t follow through with their end of the deal.

How long have they been in business?

New glazing companies pop up all the time. As a consumer, you probably assume the company you hire will stay in business. However, companies go bankrupt and close shop all the time.

To avoid hiring a company that may end up disappearing, find out how long the glazing company has been in business. Try to gauge their financial stability by reading reviews with trade organisations. Some professional memberships require that glazing companies to provide info about their financial stability.

How do they treat customers?

The best glazing companies follow a strict code of conduct. If they are a member of a professional glazing organisation, they may be required to act professionally at all times. Find out how they behave when on the job. Make sure they treat you in a respectful manner.

A code of conduct will also protect you during the project. After all, you trust these individuals to come into your home. You want to make sure they will be mindful of your personal space and belongings.

Is there a cool down period?

Once you sign a contract, can you back out if you get cold feet? Don’t sign anything without reading all the fine print. Many glazing companies have a cooling-off period, typically around seven days, in which either party may cancel the contract without penalty.

What about warranties?

Windows and doors are an investment. Be sure to ask about all warranties and guarantees before you choose a glazing company. What does the warranty cover, and how long does it last?

Many warranties last for a 10-year period, and you should always get a copy of the warranty in writing for your personal records. You should also find out if the guarantee is transferable in case you decide to sell your home.

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