Is the Great British Bake Off at risk of cancellation?

While the cakes in the Bake Off tent have barely had time to cool, fans of the show will already be thinking about what comes next. But the future of the show could be in jeapordy, according to new research from Vanquis.

The research, which analysed over 8.2 million tweets about the Great British Bake Off, found that this latest season has been far less popular with viewers. According to the research, season 10 was one of the least talked about seasons on Twitter, averaging just 50,804 tweets per episode. To put this in perspective, during season 7, fans were sharing an average of 213,784 tweets per episode – over 4 times as many!

Here are the most talked about seasons of the Great British Bake Off:

– Season 7 – 213,784 tweets per episode
– Season 6 – 138,730 tweets per episode
– Season 5 – 111,694 tweets per episode
– Season 8 – 92,820 tweets per episode
– Season 4 – 86,096 tweets per episode
– Season 9 – 65,830 tweets per episode
– Season 10 – 50,804 tweets per episode
– Season 3 – 49,453 tweets per episode
– Season 2 – 13,786 tweets per episode
– Season 1 – 2,048 tweets per episode

Not only have fans been talking about the show less, when they have been talking about it, their conversations have been far less popular. Vanquis found that 28.1% of tweets about this year’s show were negative, making it the third least popular season so far. The only two seasons to be less popular on Twitter were seasons 7 and 8, which received 31.8% and 36.3% negative tweets respectively.

Here’s how the 10 seasons of the show compare:

Season Average Tweets Per Ep. Positive Negative
1 2,048 83.4% 16.6%
2 13,786 79.5% 20.5%
3 49,453 81.3% 18.7%
4 86,096 77.4% 22.6%
5 111,694 73.4% 26.6%
6 138,730 76.5% 23.5%
7 213,784 68.2% 31.8%
8 92,820 63.7% 36.3%
9 65,830 72.7% 27.3%
10 50,804 71.9% 28.1%


As producers start planning their schedules for the coming year, could this decreasing viewer engagement put the future of the Great British Bake Off at risk? Only time will tell.

For more information, or to see the full breakdown of this year’s contestants, head over to the Vanquis website –


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