Engaged; Providing interactive and fun quiz game for adults and children

Do you like quiz board games? Do you like quality quiz games like Trivia Pursuit? Do you watch quiz shows on TV like The Chase, Who wants to be a millionaire, The Pointless, The Egg Heads? If yes, then you will definitely like Engaged. We have created our own thoughts of quiz board games.

Engaged provides interactive and fun quiz board games for both adults and children to enjoy.

* Interactive quiz game books: 1980s Interactive Game book and Animal Interactive Game book are currently available on Amazon to purchase
*  Tabletop board games due to be released soon
*  Pub quizzes are currently available
Our aim is to provide quality quiz games that are original. You can play with families or friends. It is interactive as the board game templates can be downloaded for the books we do. You can play on online platforms via zoom or other networks.
The goal is about having fun. It is about bringing families around the dining table or sitting in a living room with a drink at hand and to have good old fashioned quality time.

Please visit our website www.engagedgames.co.uk for further details

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