Deep Blue Dive Launch New 2021 Ranges

Deep Blue Dive are the UK’s largest scuba diving equipment retailer, with a large showroom store based in Whitley Bay town centre with full stock of the World’s leading scuba diving brands and a team of expert divers ready to help. A new year brings new season stock and Deep Blue Dive will be first in the UK to have the newest ranges available.


Apeks are a premium British scuba diving equipment manufacturer and they have more new products due in 2021 than any time in the last decade. Apeks are launching a new ThermIQ rash guard range, a full range of Luma scuba diving torches, they have updated their top selling tech shorts, a full range of new scuba diving bags and some premium spools and reels that will set new standards for years to come!

Deep Blue Dive will be the first store in the UK to have this stock and as the UK’s largest Apeks retailer they will also offer the best pricing. Keep your eyes peeled on the scuba diving packages category for the best prices on all of these new Apeks launches.

Aqua Lung

Aqua Lung are one of the biggest scuba diving brands in the world with a comprehensive range of products in every category. For 2021 they have revamped their purpose built dive bags with new colour styles and innovative new features designed for the travelling scuba diving enthusiast. Aqua Lung are also launching revamped SeaFlare dive torches, and have redesigned their top selling neoprene gloves, boots and wetsuits,


Scubapro are the World’s No.1 scuba diving equipment manufacturer and brand, and they have a few premium new launches for 2021 and the first new launch is a brand new regulator.

The MK19 EVO Black Tech G260 Black Tech features SCUBAPRO’s new MK19 EVO, finished in a special ultra-durable Black Tech coating, along with an upgraded version of SCUBAPRO’s most popular tech diving second stage, the G260. While retaining its large diaphragm, internal metal components and high-flow exhaust valve for excellent breathing sensitivity and resistance to freezing, the new G260 Carbon BT ratchets up its ruggedness and durability with the addition of a carbon fiber front cover.

Their K2 undersuit range is welcoming a new addition in the Spring of 2021 with the K2 socks on the way, and the D420 regulator which launched towards the end of 2020 is now in stock and ready to ship.


TUSA are scuba diving specialists in the mask and snorkel categories and they have a few really exciting new launches in 2021. The first one to arrive will be the M-2004 Intega mask which adapts to the user’s face creating a seal like no other. This mask also takes prescription lenses, features the swift 3D buckle system and comes in a range of 12 colours.

TUSA also has an entry level computer, the IQ-1301 ready to launch which we’re very excited about at Deep Blue Dive, it is based on the Buhlmann ZHL-16C algorithm which makes it very safe, and supports several dive modes.

These are just a handful of the new product launches due this year at Deep Blue Dive and they have plans to hugely expand their dive packages section where you can save money by buying several pieces of equipment together, and benefit from their expert knowledge by purchasing intelligent combinations of scuba diving equipment.

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