CloudMarshal Enables SMEs Tighter Control Of Cloud Operations

CloudMarshal a SaaS-based solution focussed on helping SMEs control their cloud costs and operations has been launched by CloudLead Ltd. – a London-based software developer.  It provides a strategic technology-based solution for mid-market business leaders and C-level Directors to enable improved digital cost control and operational management.  CloudMarshal delivers monitoring, analysis and prediction of cloud resource dependencies and consumption from suppliers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. It was conceived in 2019 and built in 2020 after its founders established there was a significant gap in a rapidly expanding marketplace. CloudMarshal addresses a multiplicity of issues emanating from SMEs deploying cloud-based resources and underestimating the effect on their business.
The company’s Co-Founder and Chairman, Peter Richards said,  “We are delighted to be launching CloudMarshal to what we anticipate will be a large international audience. The vast majority of our target market have either migrated to the cloud or are planning to do so. We believe it is the only enabling technology solution available to SMEs that provides a comprehensive answer for turning data into useful business information. Our entire focus is on delivering an enterprise-scale solution to mid-market companies at an affordable price point that can be operational within 30 minutes of installation.”
The increasing, global dependency on cloud resources and the lack of business management controls available to mid-market companies has resulted in cost overrun, wastage, unpredictability and uncontrolled business processes. The scarcity of integrated and affordable automated solutions has increased the demand for a dynamic solution to accelerate innovation and agility. CloudMarshal mitigates the risk of using the cloud by analysing and identifying data, enabling continuous and progressive innovation through financial controls, operational insight, analysis and good governance. The company believes that current competitive solutions are focused on the enterprise market and restricted only to the control of infrastructure costs. These solutions are costly, people-intensive and beyond the budget and resources of most SMEs.  CloudMarshal delivers an easily deployed solution to many cloud-based problems of which there are many.
Co-founder and director Alex Stott, said  “My experience with innovative, technology-first companies highlighted the challenges associated with the successful execution of a cloud infrastructure strategy. The achievement of an agile and competitive business-operating model often comes at the expense of unpredictable costs and internal team friction. CloudMarshal has been developed to address these challenges and enable companies to capitalise on the benefits of digital transformation.”
The company operates a cadence-based business model determined by the amount of usable data and has a low-entry level price aimed at providing significant price/performance benefits.