Franklin Fitch receives Good Business Charter Accreditation for Promoting Good Practice

IT infrastructure recruitment company Franklin Fitch has been fully accredited by the Good Business Charter and is now recognised for their ethical and responsible business practices.

Franklin Fitch is delighted to be one of the first recruitment firms to join the GBC and has become a driver of positive change within the recruitment industry through truly embedding ethical practices across its business.

They received the accreditation for meeting GBC’s 10 criteria that seek to raise the bar on business practices for employees, tax, the environment, diversity, customers, and suppliers.

The GBC initiative was started by the Good Business Foundation, an independent, non-profit organisation seeking to raise the bar for business practice in the UK. The accreditation is awarded to companies committed to the ethical treatment of employees, the environment, customers, and suppliers, and has the support of both the Confederation of British Industry and the Trades Union Congress. The GBC and its members seek to inspire many other recruitment companies to follow suit.

Chairman of the GBC board, Simon Fox, said: “The Good Business Charter brings together ten standards, most of which already exist, but in separate places. We have brought them together to provide a coherent overall position for businesses to aspire to. We believe that the GBC has enormous potential to change business practices for the better. We hope that because of its simplicity and cost-effectiveness, it will quickly gain support.”

About Franklin Fitch

Since their inception in 2011, Franklin Fitch has successfully established itself as a market leader in IT infrastructure recruitment with a focus on networking, information security, and DevOps.

CEO and Founder of Franklin Fitch, David Annable, said: “We believe the GBC has enormous potential to transform company culture. This accreditation represents our unwavering and ongoing commitment to fostering an encouraging, accountable, and inclusive culture that benefits our employees, clients, and the environment both now and in the future. It’s always been important for me to give back to our people and the communities we serve; being a “business for good” is imperative. Today I can say, we’ve officially been recognised for this. I want to challenge other recruitment business owners to follow suit. We are a people centric industry; this should be the minimum standard for our industry.”


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