Andriy Dovbenko, TechExchange: Facilitating Innovation and Economic Revival in Ukraine

Andriy Dovbenko

TechExchange, a unique two-way tech network, founded in 2023 by Andriy Dovbenko, fosters a reciprocal relationship between the UK and Ukraine, focusing on AgriTech and DefenceTech. It enables Ukrainian startups to penetrate the UK market and allows UK companies to test advanced technologies in Ukraine, promoting mutual growth and idea sharing. This collaboration also boosts the global standing of the involved startups. As a ray of hope for Ukraine’s struggling economy and an innovation driver, TechExchange’s application process is comprehensive yet discerning, selecting only the most promising startups. Applicants must provide a detailed pitch deck and pass a thorough evaluation by the TechExchange team, ensuring the chosen startups are not just technologically proficient but also poised for impactful and commercially successful ventures.

Each year, TechExchange aims to support a balanced cohort of AgriTech and DefenceTech startups from both the UK and Ukraine, with provisions to expand this in future editions. This approach allows for focused mentorship and maximizes the chances of success for each participating company.

TechExchange, a pioneering two-way technology network, fosters collaboration between the UK and Ukraine in AgriTech and DefenceTech. Ukrainian startups gain access to the UK market, while UK companies benefit from in-field testing in Ukraine, promoting innovation and cross-national idea exchange. Founded by Andriy Dovbenko, TechExchange leverages his extensive international network in agriculture and technology, offering members unique access to global ecosystems and funding.

This programme is crucial for Ukraine’s economy, particularly in agriculture and defense, providing startups with the tools and connections needed for impactful innovation. Through TechExchange, Ukrainian startups receive essential support and exposure, and UK companies experience practical technology applications. The initiative focuses on deploying technologies that are vital for Ukraine’s economic stability and future growth, ensuring that participating startups are capable of driving significant change.

For the UK, this means access to a new market and the ability to test and refine technologies in real-world conditions. For Ukraine, it offers a pathway to rebuild its economy through technology-driven solutions in agriculture and defence, sectors that are foundational to the country’s recovery and future stability.

The impact of TechExchange extends beyond immediate economic gains. It represents a strategic move towards strengthening the tech sector in Ukraine, providing a lifeline to innovation in a time of crisis, and paving the way for a resilient post-war economy.

The potential success of the initiative is significantly influenced by Andriy Dovbenko’s leadership. Being a Ukrainian-born entrepreneur who later established his base in the UK, and with a background as a lawyer and an investor in both agriculture and technology, Dovbenko brings a distinct viewpoint to the table. His experiences offer him a unique insight into how digital innovation can be integrated and leveraged within these industries.