Happy Holi-blaze! New cannabis advent calendar starting Christmas on a high

The gingerbread men aren’t the only ones getting baked this holiday season, as Budmail 420 has announced the release of its new cannabis advent calendar in Canada.

Variety is the spice of life, so the calendar features an array of different cannabis related goodies, including edibles, pre-rolls, accessories and more. In a statement detailing its release, subscription providers, Budail 420, said that each box has $250 worth of cannabis products and carries a $265 price tag, before taxes.

Dylan Fawcett, president and CEO of Budmail 420, reckons that cannabis could be a good fit for these calendars. He said: “The company has seen the success of unique advent calendars in other industries, (so we thought) that was a way that we could provide customers with a fun and engaging gift that they can enjoy for an entire month.

“These beautiful boxes are being filled by a partner dispensary with high-quality products with a different product each day”.

At the moment, these calendars are only available in Canada. However, the company is looking to expand its service area. If you are in the available region, the advice is to order now, as the first day of the calendar is December 1st. Thus, the calendars are due to be delivered the last week of November.

The company also added that the goodies aren’t the only green feature of these calendars, stating that the packaging is recyclable. They said: “Each one of those wonderful little goodies is tucked inside of a reusable cardboard box and marked”.