5 ways to keep staff returning to work happy and safe in the workplace

After 3+ months away from the workplace for some, many businesses are now looking at the ways in which they can keep their employees happy, infection control will keep you and your staff safe and protected when returning to work in the aftermath of the Covid19 lockdown.

With a recent ACAS-commissioned survey finding that nearly 2 out of 5 employees currently working from home feel stressed and uncomfortable with their current working environment, and a study from CIPD finding that a further 44% of employees due to return to the physical workplace are feeling anxious, it’s never been more important to provide your workforce with the equipment and tools to help them feel safe and secure throughout their working day.

The effect that a negative outlook and well-being has on productivity is also tangible, with happy and engaged employees performing at an extra 20% additional capacity than their not-so engaged counterparts.

So, here are our top 5 ways to keep your staff safe, happy and productive in the workplace during the Covid19 pandemic, over and above the Government guidelines:

Garment disinfectants

All businesses should be incorporating additional disinfectant and sanitisation procedures (such as using hand sanitiser on the way in and out, employing round-the-clock cleaning teams to wipe down touch points etc.), but many employers have failed to consider the potential of the virus being spread via clothes and belongings.

Providing each employee with a product to disinfect their clothing will really demonstrate that you’re taking their health and safety- and the health and safety of their families- seriously.

When looking for this kind of product, be sure to go with one that is certified to EN1276 and EN14476 standards, such as the Sursol ‘Garment Disinfectant Spray’.

Emotional support

Times like these can be difficult for many, and each person will have had an entirely different experience than the next person, depending on their personal circumstances.

Be there for your workforce during this time and be sure to check-in with each colleague individually. Not only will you make them feel appreciated and supported, but this is also likely to tease out some really good snippets of employee feedback too, to allow you take action to improve your processes and procedures further.

Face coverings

Face coverings are currently mandatory on public transport, but some employees may also wish to wear these in the workplace too.

Reusable, washable face coverings are a fantastic solution in the workplace to ensure that your employees are feeling safe; greatly reducing the spread of infection, whilst proving cost-effective in what has been a difficult time for the business community.

Face shields/visors

Face shields/visors also make for an added layer of protection for both the wearer and those around them (similar to face covers), and some can even be attached to caps, like the ‘Baseball Cap with Face Shield’ on our website.

Disinfectant sprays for masks and visors are also widely available.

Communication and structured processes

On top of all the above to keep your employees safe and well during this time, it’s also important to have the right processes and internal communication to back it up.

It’s important to let your employees know how seriously you take their health and well-being, keeping them informed of any process changes or changes to the way work is done, as well as why these changes are in place. Transparency is key!

If you are in need of protective work wear, face covers or garment disinfectants, then take a look at the multitude of options we have available over on our website, or simply get in touch with us for a more tailored solution on 08450 66 66 99.

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