Printer Repair Specialists Ontrac Digital Ltd Drive Towards Carbon Neutrality


Midlands based commercial printer repair company Ontrac Digital have made efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and have recently moved to replacing their vehicles from diesel to electric. They hope this will be the start of an on-going effort to reduce carbon emissions.

Established in 2006, Ontrac Digital Ltd has offered independent printer, photocopier repairs and maintenance throughout the Midlands area. Focusing on the Develop brand for sales, they offer a wide portfolio of mono and colour printers, scanners and copiers, tailored to customers’ requirements.

With everyone’s focus turning to the environment, and what makes the planet cleaner, Ontrac Digital have looked at the opportunity to run a 100% electric vehicle fleet, to attend and service calls. With the development of battery technology, the anticipated mileage range out of a single charge is 250 miles. This should give an adequate ability to cover the average 150 miles, achieved daily by our engineers. Although this is a small step in the global problem, it does mean that when sitting in traffic congestion, there will be zero emissions emitted from these types of vehicles. With the push towards renewable energy generators, such as solar, wind and tidal, the electric vehicle does tick a number of boxes in driving pollution levels lower.

Gareth Williams, MD said; “We are seeing extreme protests against global warming, with Extinction Rebellion at the forefront in the public eye for demonstrations. Agree or disagree with their actions, their point of extreme pollution continuing at the rate it is, is unacceptable, and everyone has a responsibility to make changes in their emissions generated.”

Ontrac Digital hope to continue servicing their clients in and around the Midlands, but now knowing their carbon footprint will be greatly reduced.

For further information, please contact:
Gareth Williams
Telephone 1: 0345 257 3779 (local rate)

Old Police House, Prestwood Road, Stourton
Stourbridge DY7 5AE, UK


About Ontrac Digital Ltd
Ontrac Digital is a Midlands based, commercial printer repair company, set up over 10 years ago by service engineers. They provide field based breakdown support for printers, scanners and photocopiers. They also offer rentals, leases and sales of multifunctional devices.

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