Why Plastic Is Preferred In Agriculture

There has been a notable shift in the field of plastic pipework, and this is that the output and usage are increasing year on year. Plastic pipework is the recommended choice for an array of different purposes. This includes the likes of; indoor water supply, industrial pipes, and construction water supply pipelines. Nonetheless, one industry whereby plastic pipework is highly beneficial is in the field of agriculture. 

There are many reasons why plastic pipework is the recommended option for agricultural purposes. This includes the full system; from the pipes themselves to the ability to safely store liquids in a water tank. One of the main reasons why this is the case is because plastic is chemical resistant. This is especially beneficial in agriculture specifically because pipework is often exposed to chemicals, such as pesticides, as well as fertilisers too. These can have a detrimental impact on other materials, such as corrosion. However, you need not worry about this with plastic pipework. 

Plastic pipe drainage systems also prove to be highly beneficial as they provide a flexible solution in quality drainage. This is essential when improving agricultural output. This is because quality drainage regenerates the soil, ventilates the roots, and increases temperature. You will also note a reduction in parasitic plants too. From ridged to smooth systems; plastic pipework offers a solution that can be tailored to the environment in question.

In addition to this, it is also worth bearing in mind the fact that plastic pipes boast a long life span. Researchers predict that a plastic pipework system can easily last within an excess of 100 years. This is highly important because the last thing anybody wants to happen is to have a pipework system installed and then find that they have to replace several pipes a mere few years down the line. 

Aside from the points already mentioned, plastic provides the most effective method of irrigation. Drip irrigation consists of using a plastic pipe with holes and is typically buried along the row of crops. This process is the preferred option because it diminishes evaporation. Not only this, but it is a lot more efficient too, as water savings of up to 25 per cent can be achieved. 

Irrigation is not only the high-pressure situation that plastic is more than capable of coping with. Plastic pipework also proves to be the most beneficial solution across all agricultural procedures, including the likes of portable water mains and turf watering. 

Furthermore, it is also worth bearing in mind the consistency of the material. Plastic is very lightweight, nevertheless, it is extremely tough at the same time. This quality means that it is flexible enough when it comes to resisting breaking under any pressure implied. Because of this, plastic pipework can be particularly beneficial for agricultural systems that are placed under the ground. 

When considering all of the factors mentioned in this article, coupled with the fact that plastic pipework tends to be cost-efficient too, you plainly see why this is the best solution when it comes to pipework needed in the field of agriculture. 

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