Why Used Cars Are Best for New Drivers

Driving is considered a coming of age ritual in some parts of the world. It symbolizes the beginning of maturity and independence. For young people, they not only get to exercise mobile autonomy, but they also begin to practice the culture of maintenance and responsibility while learning to share the road with other users. It is a crucial transition from being transported everywhere by a parent or other adult. It is a new and exciting experience for new drivers. However, after learning to drive and becoming licensed, the problem of what kind of car to buy for them arises.

Used cars are usually the first choice for new drivers. There are so many advantages to having a used car as a first car. New drivers are statistically more likely to encounter vehicle problems as they adjust to having wheels. The adjustment period is typically met with rookie mistakes that go away as they build confidence and experience on the motorway. For this and many other reasons, most people prefer to buy used cars for new drivers.


Used cars are the best vehicles for new drivers because they are way cheaper than brand new cars. Their prices are typically 50% lower than their brand new counterparts, and it is the economically wise way for inexperienced drivers to hone their motor skills. Different vehicle brands are offering used cars for sale, so buyers have many options to choose from. Even iconic brands like the Mercedes-Benz offer used Mercedes of different models for sale for the customer who wants quality at a fraction of the cost. These of course are vetted to ensure that they meet industry standards and are sold by recognized and authorized Mercedes-Benz dealerships like the Sandown-group.

Certified and thoroughly inspected

The best kinds of used cars to buy are those that are certified pre-owned. These cars are carefully inspected for quality, fault, damages, and safety. Once they are certified by either the manufacturer or authorized dealership, they are put on the market assuring prospective customers of their soundness. New drivers will benefit from using these pre-owned cars as they have the assurance that it has been vetted and certified to be safe and free of faults. It is also helpful in reducing the maintenance cost once you buy the certified used cars in Tucson.

Easier to maintain

Strange as it sounds, used cars are easier to maintain and care for than their brand new counterparts. Brand new cars tend to have a lot of hidden charges to maintain them because they are straight from the factory and have all these features that need tweaking now and then. Used cars, however, have already depreciated in value and do not need all the fawning that brand new cars demand. New drivers, who are typically young, can handle maintenance themselves as it won’t cost so much to keep the car working at optimum.

New drivers do not need to start with vehicles straight out of the factory. A used car that is is well-maintained is the perfect medium with which to develop confidence and experience driving. It also allows them to learn to be responsible and maintain a cheaper car before an expensive and brand new one comes along.

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