J&M Murdoch drives business growth with PODFather

J&M Murdoch, the transportation, waste management and skip hire specialist, is seeing the benefit of implementing PODFather’s delivery tracking and proof of delivery system into the transportation division of its 70-vehicle strong operation. Murdoch’s vehicles run 24 hours a day, 363 days of the year and the team needed a software solution to automate and streamline several business-critical tasks. PODFather was selected as the supplier of choice for Murdoch’s haulage division and is now relied upon to automate vehicle checks, schedule and communicate job instructions with drivers, track vehicle movements, provide electronic proof of delivery and manage invoicing. As a direct result of implementing PODFather technology, Murdoch’s has seen invoicing turnaround time slashed from seven days to just 24 hours.

PODFather’s delivery tracking and proof of delivery system is used daily to manage a range of tasks across Murdoch’s heavy haulage division. “Technology is a key driver in moving our business forward in terms of service and profitability”, comments Leigh Colville, Account Manager at Murdoch’s. “With PODFather we have streamlined our processes to such an extent that we are now able to organise, issue and monitor jobs much more easily. Ultimately, we can now invoice jobs within 24 hours of completion, with minimal paperwork. It’s so much quicker; the process used to take up to seven days. This has had a huge impact on the financial efficiency of our organisation.

In addition, the PODFather solution is used by the transport team to handle the allocation and sharing of job details with the fleet. “The PODFather system makes it easier for me to do my job, especially as it’s cloud based,” adds John Allan, Operations Manager. “I used to have to physically be onsite to deal with issues, or make schedule changes, but now I can do that anywhere, from any device.”

As a result of introducing the PODFather system to their operation, Murdoch’s now has better visibility of overall fleet performance and revenue generated by its fleet. “We can now see what revenue is being generated by which parts of our fleet. This information is hugely important when making strategic business decisions regarding utilisation,” adds Leigh Colville.

J&M Murdoch has been a familiar site on UK roads since 1965. Still a family-run outfit, Murdoch’s operate a fleet of 70 vehicles, with locations in the West and East of Scotland. With an impressive array of vehicles delivering such a wide variety of items, the Murdoch team prides itself on offering an unparalleled service that treats efficiency as a number one priority.

“Good service sits at the heart of our operation,” comments Drew Murdoch, Managing Director. “Last year saw us recognised by the London Stock Exchange as one of the 1,000 companies to inspire Britain. Our staff have always been a USP for our business but in recent years we are seeing technology playing a more important role in both the development of our service offering and the future growth of our company.”

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