AngelMD Adds Two Physicians to Senior Leadership Team

AngelMD is proud to announce that it is expanding its executive team with the addition of Mark Foimson, MD, MBA in the role of Chief Medical Officer and Katie Richardson, MD in the role of Executive Director of Clinician Engagement.

AngelMD has thousands of physician and dentist members from all specialties and from every state in the US. Among the clinician membership at large are special member groups including the Ambassador Team, the Clinical Advisory Board and Scientific Advisory Board. In addition to serving as a key spokesperson for the company, Dr. Froimson will work to build and engage each of the key clinical constituencies that comprise the growing AngelMD community.

“Dr. Froimson has been an incredible advisor for the past few years and has an uncanny grasp of the day-to-day needs and interests of physicians as well as clarity around startup, industry and hospital system needs. Dr. Richardson is an equally special leader and brings her passion for innovation and interest in exposing physicians to rewarding opportunities outside their clinical practice.” said Tobin Arthur, CEO AngelMD.

Among key focuses for Dr. Froimson is the launch of the forthcoming mobile app and maturation of the platform to optimize engagement. In addition, Dr. Froimson is a core voice in creating a strong connection between clinicians and entrepreneurs to better identify leading innovations and accelerate the most deserving through their iterative life-cycle.

As the physician and dentist membership of AngelMD continues to accelerate, Dr. Richardson will be focusing on education and engagement of the clinician members. Key to this effort is fortifying relationships with the growing group of national medical societies working with AngelMD to educate their members around entrepreneurship, advisory opportunities and investment.

Mark Froimson, MD, MBA is an orthopedic surgeon who served as President of AAHKS and as CEO of Euclid Hospital, a Cleveland Clinic Hospital among his many roles. Katie Richardson, MD is a trained pediatrician who has spent the last 15 years practicing with Kaiser Permanente Colorado and has been working with startups in the growing Colorado ecosystem for the last several years.

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